Yes, it is.

Motherhood IS ministry. There, I said it.

If you are anything like me you are often seeking the Lord and asking Him to direct your steps, guide your path, and help you to not leave anything undone. While this is a fabulous prayer (if i do say so myself) often times I feel we can be so focused on the next destination on our path that we forget to enjoy the here and now.

Stick with me a minute - I'm going somewhere.

Recently I made the decision to step away from a job that I love in order to spend time with a family that I love more. The hustle and bustle of life mixed in with doctors appointments, schooling, work at job A, work at job B, volunteering in the ministry at our church, tending to my babies, and trying to keep my marriage thriving left me fizzled and nearly maxxed out. So, I took it to the Lord in prayer, took a step back from my endless To-Do list and reevaluated some things. Why was it that I was running to and fro? And did these endless commitments leave me in a shape less-than-best for my children at night? Youbetcha. ..ouch..

Reflecting in honesty here was painful, but necessary. "They are your first and most important ministry" the Lord spoke