Write the Letter

Today started like any other day. A race out the door, kids in tow and coffee in hand. Prayers sent up to the skies asking the Lord to guide my every move, to order every moment. I’m asking for divine intervention if I try to move ahead of him, yet motivation enough to continue pressing forward. And to be honest with y’all, finding a delicate balance between the two. This is a hard one for me! But, I’m learning. And I’m sure the Lord is simply smiling (and maybe even giggling) at my continued requests for an anointed pace.

However as I came home this morning I found a hand written card, in a beautiful envelope addressed to me. I didn’t even have to check the return address, I knew this handwriting. It was that of my sweet sister, whose traded in the bi-polar weather of Ohio for sun and sand in South Carolina (I mean, can we blame her?). The Card was everything I needed to hear today. Encouragement to keep pressing, reassurance that my heart is being heard thru these keys, and humor enough to make me giggle through the happy tears.

This sweet thoughtful card quite honestly reminded me of the letters Paul wrote to his church, but more specifically the letters he wrote to Timothy. Urging him to keep fighting the good fight, to stay separated from the world and to stay focused on the prize, the calling of God. Sometimes a letter is all we need.

Its rare that a conversation with my earthy father doesnt Somehow divert to the gospel. And in all those conversations he seems to come back to what his heart believes is the sole purpose for the holy scriptures. It’s a letter from God, to His people. Explaining His love, His purpose and His heart. It’s a letter that must be opened, a letter that must be read with spiritual eyes wide open. It’s a letter of encouragement, reminding us to keep fighting the good fight, because in Due season we will reap a harvest, when we refuse to quit.

So today I hope to encourage you to do a few things ... 1. Write a letter, a Handwritten note of love and encouragement for whoever God lays on your heart. You may never know how much they need it. 2. Read the letter. The Good Book. Read, digest and meditate on the word of God. It’s his love letter to you, and he longs to bring you closer to him.

Well friends, that’s all for tonight. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep pressing. And never forget to encourage your fellow sisters in the faith.

Until next time,

I’m your partner in battle. Crystal

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