Well friends - we made it. The husband, Toddler, Tiny human and myself made the voyage from Cincinnati OH to Myrtle Beach, SC. In the weeks before we actually pulled out of the driveway my thoughts were racing with items to bring, items to buy once we arrived and items we simply couldn't do without. Day after day my list seemed to grow, items for the tiniest human seemed to consume the majority of the paper. But we made it our of the door with most of the things I had written down - there is only so much room in a truck bed y'all!

Anywho - While we began to drive our daughter became content watching DVD's, and our infant son snoozed the night away in his carseat. You would think that my mind was at ease - but it wasn't. Despite the calm atmosphere and Tony Evans audio book playing through the speakers I couldn't seem to rest. Deep breathing exercises didn't do it, my mind raced with worry. I began to pray and ask the Lord to help me simply enjoy these moments and I reached for my phone and text my momma. (Y'all I dont know where I would be without this prayin' woman) I asked her to cover me in prayer. And then I remembered the simple statement my Dad made on Friday as I exited the office; "You're either protected or you're not."

This comment came after a thoughtful pause in conversation that interrupted my worry - "Pray for us, pray for the kids, that they do okay, and that we make it safely...