Whispers of the Heart

They say your pain scale is relative to the most pain you’ve ever felt. Currently mine is now “From zero to forceps”. But what about your Desperation? What happens in the moments where you’re out of control and things aren’t looking good?

Our son made his grand entrance to the world on Septmember 2nd a mere 9hours after my IV was started. This very fast labor best the pants off my first delivery and was a totally different experience than the first time. However on both “birth days” Jesus was more real to me then than at any other time. He always shows up right on time to be my peace in the midst of a storm.

Our little man, named Jentzen which means “God is Gracious”, had a quick entry into this world rather forcefully when his heart rate began to plummet and failed to regain its strength on the monitor. Decisions were made, oxygen was applied and it was time to put on my big girl panties. I was scared, my husband