Too often we fail to lead others because we feel we don't have it all together. However I believe this is a very tricky tactic of the enemy and I'm calling him out. 

Our church is spearheading a challenging 12 week program for our women. Weekly assignments span across the physical, spiritual and relational realms. I was humbled when asked to lead a pack of women, but this excitement quickly turned to worry within the following weeks. Problems arose at home, stresses flared and everything seemed to be reminding me that my life wasn't perfect. The enemy continued to speak (what I now know as lies) to me regarding my inability to lead. After all how could I lead if I had problems of my own? 

Maybe you are asking yourself this same question. Perhaps God has asked you to step out and lead but you are burdened with the feelings of inadequacy. 

However today I challenge these thoughts by asking - who would actually listen to you if you hadn't been through anything ? And if you haven't seen the victory yet, the simple fact that you are still STANDING on the battlefield is testimony enough. The only time you fail, is when you quit. Don't let the enemy try to tell you that you must be problem-free to lead, that's a mere scare tactic that I decree isint going to work anymore. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe in Godly ordained leadership, and I fully believe that you should "have your house in order" biblically speaking before attempting to give advise to others. However I'm not sure that the enemy is too concerned with distracting those within a pit in regards to leadership ... I believe he is after the on-fire Christian that is asking God to prune her life, who is seeking Gods face for answers to life's every day problems. It is this soldier fighting the good fight of faith that the enemy hopes to cast down by magnifying your spiritual battles. Why you ask? Because if he can take a water hose to your fire, he won't have to worry about you igniting faith within others. 

I have found, that even though I may not have seen the victory manifest within my situation, when I speak life into another woman's situation and proclaim that vistory and the promise of God over her life, my faith is increased. You see when we shift our eyes off the problems, and onto the solution of Jesus the heavens take notice.  For example, if I need healing in my body and I begin to pray for a women who needs this same healing touch, my faith rises up. Scriptures proclaiming His healing power flood my soul and I am recharged to continue fighting for my victory. 

If the enemy can keep us at our seat, waiting to be perfect ... he can keep other soldiers bound. Recall with me the many great men and women of the Bible. None were without their fair share of faults and battles, yet each one was used mightily by God. In fact...God seems to recruit from the pit rather than the palace. 

Heavenly Father, help us to see our situation and the battles of other soldiers through your eyes. Assure us that you will never leave or forsake us, and that you are always fighting for us. Help us to praise you in the hallway while we wait for doors to open, and press us towards other women waiting in the hallway. Those who need encouraged and reminded of your goodness. Never let us fall prey to the lies of the enemy that tell us we must be perfect before God can use us. Give us boldness and courage to trust you, because you are doing a new thing. Let us walk in love, forever proclaiming your goodness and faithfulness.    -amen

Until next time,

Shake off the Shackles. 

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