Training your Arrows

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I’ve heard it said that the way you speak to your children becomes their inner voice. Ive seen proof of this within my own home and I’m sure you have too. When I encourage my daughter that she can accomplish the task she keeps trying, I can hear her softly encourage herself “just keep practicing, you’ve got this”. If this is true in the natural, how much more true is it in the spiritual? The God we praise or curse becomes the God our children come to know. The Jesus we thank or blame becomes either our child’s savior or scapegoat. ((Ouch..)) there is so much power in our words and the day to day life that we live out in front of our children.

It is so important that our children know the truth of God’s word.

So friends, I have to share this great children’s bible book with you as it’s become a bedtime staple in our home. The book is called “Night Night Bible Stories“ by Amy Parker and It does an amazing job of telling the scripture in a way that even my 4 year old understands. We especially love the prayer at the end of each Bible Story and we will take turns saying the prayer aloud.