To Have & To Hold

Sometimes holding onto your marriage feels more like a fight than a fairytale. But how to we pray when all hope seems lost?...

"To have and to hold..."

Looking back now sections of  our marriage vows seemed to paint a fairytale facade. This  also seemed to Follow in the footsteps of every romantic-comedy this side of the millennium.  Alluding to the myth that committing to spend the rest of your days with another flawed human was going to miraculously happen without resistance.  That you were going to be whisked away into the sunset never returning to a life with bills, careers or disagreements.

Fighting for your marriage is just that - a fight. But it's not a fight that we are to battle with each other... it's a fight where we must stand united (even when you feel light years apart) and pray in agreement that the God in you is greater than the force trying to rip you apart.