There is Power in Your Dance

The Lord has been speaking to me for about a week regarding the power of the dance. It all started when listening to a Podcast on my way to work. The sermon had nothing to do with dancing however, as the pastor laid the groundwork in scripture for his message the Lord pulled my attention towards the power of a dance.

Let me set the stage ... If you read through gospels you will the story of John the Baptist. He was a lone wolf of sorts, who was a mighty prophet of the Lord. He was not afraid to speak unpopular opinions that were rooted in Biblical truths (I so admire this about Him. And I think we could use more people like him, esp. in the world we live in today). In fact of these instances landed him in prison, when he spoke out about an unmoral relationship King Herod was having. In fact the scripture tells us in Mark chapter 6 that King Herod was afraid to kill John the Baptist (which is what his unmoral wife, Herodias wanted) so he put Him in prison instead. Fast forward to King Herod's birthday party, which to be honest sounded more like a bachelor party due to a girl he had dancing before him. Apparently this dance was a Shakeria Hips Don't Lie kind of dance on steroids because it "pleased and fascinated Herod and his guests" so much that Herod told her she could have whatever she wanted, up to half the kingdom!

Think about that... a dance so seductive and so appealing to the flesh that the King offered this girl anything, up to half his kingdom! That's when the Lord spoke to me and said "There is power in your dance". Right after He spoke that it was like I could see two sides of a dividing line. One side was seducing dance, pushed by the enemy to arouse the flesh and carnal mind. The other was a holy reverence, a worship dance to the King of Kings. Then the Lord spoke again, "Both are sacrificial" .... wow....

Did you hear that?

Dance is sacrificial.

Now if you want to get real deep into history you can go back to Lucifer and his responsibility in heaven to worship. You can dig into the fallen angels and look into the satanic symbolism in the entertainment industry (ouch -- did I go too far? I may be stepping on some toes this morning, but this revelation is massive if you will allow the Lord to go there). My mind jots back to the countless nights and wee hours of the morning I spent at the club. Wearing less than modest clothing, under the influence of alcohol dancing. Now I know it may come as a surprise to you, but this dancing? The Lord had no part in. The Holy Spirit wasn't moving through me while I danced to vulgar lyrics and let my flesh run wild. There was another spirit in operation. Another ruling body, if you will.

Now I know striving for holiness isn't a popular message these days, but can I tell you that when you find yourself in the gutter, searching for peace, searching for purpose, and coming up short -- you will long for the real deal. My pastor said just yesterday "Be the person you would want to have pray for you if you only had one prayer left" I related with that because I have been the person who needed that person. I have been the person who felt like I couldn't make it one more step and called out to my Earthly Father for prayer. His prayers moved mountains for me (and still do). Now I am not saying that he is perfect, but I am saying that he is a willing vessel for the Lord. And its time to be those people friend. Its time to rise up and refuse to (as the word says) halt between two opinions. Let's dare to let God consume all of us and let's dare to let our worship open the heavens above us.

When is the last time you danced before the Lord? I'm talking like a crazy David-is-nearly-naked- in-the-street-dancin-praise. Maybe it's never. That's okay! I was there once too. And once I allowed the Lord to set my feet loose ... I have never been the same. There is such a freeing that takes place, such an assurance in God's power that manifests as you dance before Him. Such a sign of surrender. Such a sacrifice of praise.

I dare you to try it.

Turn on a Holy Ghost shoutin type song and let the Lord have his way. Don't know one? Here are a few of my favorites -- "When I move my Body" Eddie James "Breakthrough" "Jesus can work it out" ** My favorite!!** "You're Bigger" "A Reason to Dance"

Well friend - How was that praise break?

Until Next time, I'm your partner in battle

Crystal Komala

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