The Waves & The Word

In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.     -Prov. 3:6

The verse above does not read "In most of your ways acknowledge Him" or "Plan your ways and thentalk to Him", in the CKV (Crystal Komala Version) it reads"Talk with the Lord all day every day, about every decision and he will direct your paths". I don't know about you but this simple sentence brings me comfort. I can rest easy knowing that as I take every decision before the Lord, asking for His guidance he will show me the way to go. I often pray for the Lord to opendoors that no man can open, and shutdoors that no man can shut. I used to fret before my prayer time, thinking that I was "bothering God with something silly, and I should just get over it, and leave Him alone.." however now I am certain that those lies are from the enemy, who tries to keep us from a close communion with The Father. 

While I travel this journey Anxiety often tries to "jump on my backpack". Its weight is nearly debilitating and its almost always bring along its BFF Fear. The pressure and chaos that comes along with these nasty evil spirits (let's call it like it is ladies..) goes directly against the bible verse that tells us that when we follow the Lord that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Sometimes I think we mistake the interpretation of this word and assume that we should have no decisions to make, no pressures to feel, and no battles to fight. But it is quite the opposite. We can rest assured that in the middle of battles, fights, every day struggles and even wars we know that in Him we have peace, because he is in our boat. 

Remember the bible story when Jesus told the disciples to take the boat to the other side of the river, and he went to sleep inside the boat? (see Mark Ch.4) As the storm waters raged and the winds blew they frantically went to wake Him telling Him about the storm .....doesn't this sound just like us?.... To their surprise they didn't wake Jesus and watch Him frantically move about the boat, pacing, wondering how He would get the storm to stop... when they woke Jesus  he was unmoved by the storm and actually asked them why their faith was so small. You'll get that in a minute...

I think this story so closely resembles our human struggles. Jesus gives us a word, whether it be in church through the preacher, at home in our prayer time, or laced within our leather-bound Bible, His word is spoken, just like it was to the disciples. We may stand on this word for awhile but when the storms of life start to blow we frantically approach the savior telling Him about the storm, as if he can't see it or as if He is going to "freak out" with us. But I think what the Lord is trying to show us today is that in the middle of these storms we need to stand on the Faith that He has given us, and believe in the Word that He has spoken to us. This very faith and belief will carry us through the storm. When you are trusting in the Lord every day, with every thing you can rest assured that He is the one steering your ship, even if it appears that He is sleeping. 

Thank you Jesus for never failing to rescue us from the storm. Thank you for your Grace and Mercy that simply grins at us when we frantically come to you with life's small storms and fail to rest in the faith your given us and the words that you've spoken to us. Help us to not focus on the storm, but to focus on the one who calms the storm. Thank you that you Delight in hearing from your children, and that our simple prayers and our long battle cries are never received with an eye-roll, but that they are always welcomed, cherished and desired. Lord help us to truly acknowledge you in all of our ways, decisions, and in life's simple moments. Because we know that as we look to you for direction you will always lead us down the right path. I praise you and I worship you, I thank you that as this world continues to get darker, your light shines brighter.  -Amen

originally written on Sept. 26 2017

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