The Push and the Glory

Well friends, we did it! This past weekend over 60 ladies left their commitments, and their families and they joined me in the middle of gravel roads and corn fields for a weekend of uninterrupted time to seek The Father. And boy.... did He show up! I wish I could explain it to ya, but as the old timers say, “it’s better felt, than telt“.

I have been thinking on what exactly to share about the retreat experience and I want to share a couple things. As I’m sure you know, if you’ve followed my writings for some time, you know that I have the ability to see in the spirit. It’s a gift that I can’t ever remember life without and I’m forever grateful for. During the first night of the retreat it was a bit of a press. You know how we do ladies, we don't like to get out of our comfort zone. But after reminding eachother that when we want to see the glory of God, when we want to see the supernatural, when we want to experience breakthrough and walk in complete freedom - those prayers involve a PUSH.