The Push and the Glory

Well friends, we did it! This past weekend over 60 ladies left their commitments, and their families and they joined me in the middle of gravel roads and corn fields for a weekend of uninterrupted time to seek The Father. And boy.... did He show up! I wish I could explain it to ya, but as the old timers say, “it’s better felt, than telt“.

I have been thinking on what exactly to share about the retreat experience and I want to share a couple things. As I’m sure you know, if you’ve followed my writings for some time, you know that I have the ability to see in the spirit. It’s a gift that I can’t ever remember life without and I’m forever grateful for. During the first night of the retreat it was a bit of a press. You know how we do ladies, we don't like to get out of our comfort zone. But after reminding eachother that when we want to see the glory of God, when we want to see the supernatural, when we want to experience breakthrough and walk in complete freedom - those prayers involve a PUSH.

We have to push past the mundane prayer and be real with God. We might even have to get up from our cozy little chair and actually hit our knees. In fact, we might have to pray while we walk and we get those hands movin'! Do you know the kind of prayer I'm talking about ladies? When you need a breakthrough, you get desperate for a move of God. And when you are desperate, you dont care what you look like. You just want to reach heaven.

And we were desperate.

At one point during my prayers I opened my eyes and looked at our worship team (composed of an acoustic guitar player and singer. In the natural it just appeared to be two ladies leading the rest of us in worship, but the Lord allowed me to see in the spirit and I saw a multitude of angels standing just behind the worship team. But they weren't just standing there joining us in song, they were holding a tablet and a pen. I looked in disbelief and I asked the Lord "what are they doing?" to which I felt him reply "They are here to take requests from my daughters".


Talk about needing a praise break!

This was just moments after the enemy was trying to gain ground in one ear, reminding me how far we'd driven into "nowhere-ville" just for it to be another service-as-usual.... But I had to PUSH past that nonsense and continue in my prayers. Reminding myself that His word says that where any two or more agree as touching any one things it shall be done, and reminding myself that he will never leave me or forsake me, and reminding myself that fasting and prayer never goes to waste. You see it was the PUSH past the lies, the PUSH past the comfortable, and the PUSH past the ordinary prayer that opened up the heavens! Literally!

I couldn't help but think of the story of Jacob in the Bible when he saw the angels going to and fro, up and down the ladder taking requests to God, and delivering blessings. I was so grateful not only that the Lord allowed me to see into the spiritual - but that he was mindful us us enough to send angels to write down our requests! Y'all! Are you getting this?

oh- no you dont.. no no.. we are not some special group of people. The word tells us that He doesn't regard any of us higher than the other - which means that what He does for me, He can do for you- if you search Him with your whole heart, if you love Him, and if you believe that He is exactly who He says He is.

Service Broke out, the spirit let loose and we had ourselves a good holy ghost meeting. But it didn't stop there. The next morning we came together to worship. We gleaned wisdom from an elder in our church and we spent time in His word. During the alter service the Lord opened my eyes yet again, only this time I saw a thick gold-glitter-like-fog hovering above the heads of the ladies in the room. It was dense like a fog, but sparkled like a river under the sunlight. "What is that?" I asked the Lord, He replied - "Didn't you pray for my Glory?"

Talk. about. a. praise. break. ! Friend! There I went. praising the Lord for his faithfulness yet again! Then it hit me ... the glory was there, but it was above their heads. I would see ladies raise a hand or two, and get blessed. Their hands went right in the middle of the glory. The answers were there, the breakthrough was there, but it was up to us to reach up and grab it! To pull it down, to declare on Earth that which is established in heaven.

And isn't that so true for our every battle?

The answers are there in the bible - but you have to read and look. The wisdom you need is available - but you have to ask.

The healing you need is available - but you have to take ownership of your promise.

The victory you need is ready - it's just waiting on you to take hold of what is already yours.

Jesus did it folks. He won the battle, He defeated death, hell and the grave. He bore our sin, sickness, disease, and peace on the cross. He is our living breathing victory. And through belief in Him we have access to His promises. But we have to PUSH. we have to PUSH until we feel the glory fall.

Don't give up. Don't give in. Your victory is on it's way, keep pushing. Pray Until Something Happens.

Until Next Time,

Im your partner in battle -Crystal

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