The Chair

This evening my family, along with my sisters and their children gathered around a chair. We took turns praying over various needs. Different people led the prayer for each situation, the anointing oil was passed around, and everyone prayed. Even the kids. I share this not to brag about our family (as we are imperfect just like the rest of y'all), but rather to brag on God for the legacy He's given to us. But, In order to explain I have to take you back...

Back to an old trailer, back a gravel driveway, down an old country road; right there nestled between farm lands was the home of my Mamaw Glenna and Papaw Stelson. If my Mamaw wasn't making fried potatoes or some delicious dessert, she was breaking beans on the front porch. Often times her greeting, as we unpiled from the van and ran towards the house, was mixed with a big hug and wet kiss. If you were family you knew, always take a deep breath BEFORE Mamaw got ahold of you. Her hugs are irreplaceable, and not for the faint of heart. My Papaw was always close by her side, always smiling and happy to greet visitors. Not only was the home of my grandparents one of delicious food and smiling faces, but it was a house of prayer.

Earth-shattering diagnoses, inoperable conditions, life threatening issues, broken bones, aneurysms, bacterias... you name it, we prayed over it. Situation after situation, diagnosis after diagnosis our family called prayer meetings at my Mamaw and Papaw's house. Only rookies stood to receive prayer. If you've been to a prayer meeting or two, you knew, always sit in the chair. Papaw had a certain chair that we sat in when it was time for prayer. I didn't see the purpose for it while I was younger but now I realize that without the chair, we would have just plum fallen over once the power of God started to flow. (And no one likes a knot on the back of their head!)

Looking back I can see that all the "cares" taken to the chair were healed, solved, and remediated. We decided to believe the report of the Lord, and He was right - every time. Now that my Papaw has gone home to be with the Lord, and we all have families of our own we have not forgotten the power of prayer, and the purpose for "the chair", the necessity of anointing with oil, the laying on of hands, and the power of prayer.

Not too long ago I bean to ask the Lord to show me the plans He has for my children. I wanted to know how to pray for them, how to encourage and "train" them in the ways of the Lord. Just like the good Father that He is, He showed me His purpose for my children. Since then I have tried to be more purposeful about my prayers over them, that I am sure to pray out loud so they can hear who God says they are, and so their faith can increase. As I looked around tonight at our family prayer I saw each of the kids with their eyes closed, and heads bowed. They aren't just "kids", who need to go play while the adults pray. They are mini-warriors, they are future preachers, evangelists, world-changers, mountain-movers! They are the future of our faith. Tonight I realized, they need "the chair" as much as I do.

And so do you.

And so does your family, your children, your siblings, your friends.

Thats the beautiful thing about Jesus, we all could use a little more of His touch.

So, whether you are fine-tuning your own faith, believing for a miracle, struggling to get through the day, or enjoying the mountain-top - never forget the necessity of "The chair". You need a place where you can join together with another believer, and pray until heaven comes down. You need a place of remembrance that you can go to and say "I remember when my aunt was healed in this chair, and that same God still heals, and He's going to heal me too".

And - while we are on the subject, you know who else sits in an important chair? Jesus. He sits at the right hand of the Father, forever making intercession for us. Praying for us. Singing over us. Dancing. Encouraging us to keep pressing, to keep believing, to keep praising.

What kind of legacy are we leaving? Are we leaving one of doubt, anxiety, fear, and heartache? Or are we leaving a legacy of prayer, peace, joy, meekness and authority?

Get you a chair, and leave a legacy of powerful prayer. Expect results, and watch God move. Don't worry - I am right beside you, trying to walk out this thing too. <3

Until next time, {I'm your partner in battle} Crystal

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