Subject to Change.

We pray for God to have His way in our life, but do we mean it? What if

God's master plan totally wrecks our plans? How flexible can we be for the creator of the universe?

I have come to realize that there is a delicate balance between having a vision so that you don't perish (see Provb. 29:18 ) and leaning on the Lord for direction. Allow me to explain -

Yesterday I shopped for one of my all time favorite things, a planner. There is something blissful about seeing blank calendar pages and writing down my plans, lists and goals. The planner that I ended up purchasing is small enough to squeeze into my purse, yet declares loudly on the front cover that I have plans for my life. While this is true, I have recently considered crossing out the first "S" on the word "She's" and simply leaving it to read "He's got plans". You catching my drift?  While it is useful, and even biblical, to write out our dreams and aspirations I believe that it is even more important to do so with a very intentional disclaimer that reads "Plans Subject to Change Without Notice". 

Now, if you are anything like my sweet momma, you can't stand for your plans to change. On the other hand, if you operate like my Dad, you get joy in flying by the seat of your pants, changing plans without notice to anyone (even my momma, which can sometimes lead her into a tailspin). In my experience, when you are living the God-life, if you make plans, you must plan to change. I believe that Proverbs 16:9 says it nicely, lets peek at the Amplified version, shall we?

"A man's mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps, and makes them sure." So, in other words - we can think, and plan, and purchase planners and color-code our life until we pretend we are in middle school again.... but all these plans are subject to change because the Lord knows that despite our best efforts, we cannot plan as well as he can. He has the upper hand, the advantage, and the know-how to best get you and I to our destination.

However, since God gave us free will, it's the fine-tuning of our ears to hear the spirit that is a necessity if we want to see this verse play out in our lives. We cannot simply plan life without consulting God for his wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment... and then ask him to bless us on our path. Because 9 times out of 10, I can nearly assure you that if we are planning our own steps, stuck in our own head, we are leading ourselves right to destruction. Do I think that you should ask the Lord if it's a good idea to brush your teeth in the morning when you know good and well its this best way to take care of the temple he gave you? No. But I am saying that walking blindly through life hoping that God is blessing and leading you likely isn't the path to take. Let's rather ask God to guide our every word, thought, decision and life plans, because without him we are all one big mess anyway - can I get an amen?

I do believe I can speak from experience on this one friends. I was comfortably enjoying my office management job when God began to stir inside me. I felt an unrest that I hadn't felt before, and that led me to my prayer closet. Prayers led to dreams, visions, prophases... and that all led to Nursing School. Oh - and did I forget to mention that I was about 8 months pregnant when the Lord dropped this on me? Yup. Talk about being uncomfortable with change. My husband and I were expecting our first child and I dropped the bomb on our family, I needed to step away from work (where I was the bread-winner) and focus on a new career, that would take at least 2 years to accomplish.

Now I have graduated nursing school, passed state boards and landed a job on the floor of my choosing. And just when I was getting comfortable with my "plans" the Lord dropped a business idea into my heart. Prayers led to business strategy and LLC paperwork filing. A few days after this leap of faith, I discovered that the LLC I had just formed was the answer to the problem I was suddenly presented with. God made a way before I even knew I needed a way.He cleared the path on my road to my destiny and gave me the peace of mind to continue travelin' on. Now THATS an on-time God. Oh - and did I mention we are expecting baby number two?

While it seems that God's "change of plans" for us come at the most inopportune times, I would dare to say that we couldn't plan the timing better if we tried with all our might.

So tonight I beg you - trust Him. No matter how wild your dreams seem, if He is leading you, you will never miss a step.

Lord, Help us to make plans to carry out the call of God on our life, but also help us to plan to change whenever your winds of change begin to blow through our spirit. Help us to drown out the noise of those who disapprove, and focus on the only approval that matters - yours. Lord let us never fail to walk as close to you as we can. Prune and Shape us so that we might be pleasing in your sight.   -Amen

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