Subject to Change.

We pray for God to have His way in our life, but do we mean it? What if

God's master plan totally wrecks our plans? How flexible can we be for the creator of the universe?

I have come to realize that there is a delicate balance between having a vision so that you don't perish (see Provb. 29:18 ) and leaning on the Lord for direction. Allow me to explain -

Yesterday I shopped for one of my all time favorite things, a planner. There is something blissful about seeing blank calendar pages and writing down my plans, lists and goals. The planner that I ended up purchasing is small enough to squeeze into my purse, yet declares loudly on the front cover that I have plans for my life. While this is true, I have recently considered crossing out the first "S" on the word "She's" and simply leaving it to read "He's got plans". You catching my drift?  While it is useful, and even biblical, to write out our dreams and aspirations I believe that it is even more important to do so with a very intentional disclaimer that reads