Speak Now

You know the cliche wedding verbiage where the officiant asks the congregation if anyone is opposed to the marriage, to speak now or forever hold their peace ? I think this directly correlates to many situations within the body of Christ, let me explain ... 

The Word tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue (see Matthew 15:11, proverbs 18:20-21) and as a  body of Christ we know that it is essential to our victorious walk when we proclaim the promises of God over our life. 

If God’s word is made manifest in Jesus, and Jesus is the living word, and the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead (the third person in the trinity) lives inside of us then how much more evidence do we need to convince us that the words we speak are powerful ? 

The enemy knows that our words are powerful, he fills our mind day in and day out with negative thoughts about ourselves, our situation and the people who surround us. He thrives on hoping that we will let these thoughts take root in our mind so that we speak it with our mouths. 

Just as speaking life and faith gives us victory, speaking things contrary to the word brings us (spiritual) death. God has given us the answer to every problem within His word. It’s time that we st