Set Your Mind.

Today I discovered first hand just how powerful it can be when your mind is made up. Currently I am in physical therapy to regain full use of my left leg after what was planned to be a  simple surgery changed into a full blown reconstruction. I am about 5.5 weeks into this journey and the Lord has been teaching me so much with each passing day. After my therapy session on Monday I left the office feeling encouraged. I felt something change in my demeanor and I set a new goal for myself.  I called my mom (because everyone knows that girls share basically everything with their moms, am I right ladies?) and told her that I wanted her to pray that I would be able to bend my knee to 90-degrees  on Wednesday, which was my next day of therapy for the week. She agreed and I shared the goal with a few other people, asking them to keep me in prayer.

Wednesday rolled around and I felt confident that I would get to my goal before leaving the therapy office. I shared my goal with my therapist and told her I didn't plan to leave until we were able to get my knee to 90-degrees. Long story short, we did it! I was so excited that I told her I wanted to be able to leave therapy at my next session in a few days with my brace unlocked, so that I could begin to walk. (Keep in mind I have had my leg locked at 0 degrees since surgery) She told me I was ambitious and she agreed that if i worked on my exercises at home, she was confident that I could leave walking at the next session. Now stay with me ... there is a point to all of these details ....

Friday came, and the physical therapy session began with both myself and the therapist knowing the goal I had in mind. I was walking well but managed to get tripped up grasping for help around any corners. We knew that the problem wasn't my lack of ABILITY, the problem was my lack of CONFIDENCE. She then shared with me a few tricks, gave me a pep talk to boost my confidence and reminded me that my leg was fully able to accomplish the task at hand. The next corner came and went and before I knew it I was leaving the office with my brace unlocked!

When I collected myself in the car (after I called my mom to share, of course) I began to think about the power of a made up mind. I recalled seeing myself successfully do the exercises at therapy, watching my every move in the mirror in front of me, but when it came time to walk away from the mirror and actually walk, I froze. My body was fully able, my support brace was tight and ready to go.... but my mind was locked in fear. What if I couldn't do it? What if I fell? What if I hurt myself? You see, it wasn't until the Therapist reminded me of my ability and encouraged me to press forward that I set my mind to walking. I took her word for it, hitchhiked a ride on her confidence and I began to walk.

You see, sometimes we have the ability within us to do the task at hand, but our mind gets in the way.

How true is this in the body of Christ? We have the word of God, which we know to be infallible with us and available to us nearly every where we go (on our phones). We know that his word says we are strong and courageous, we are more than a conqueror and we are children of the most high king. We know that His word says he will provide our every need and guide our very path when we delight and trust in him. Yet, there we stand... on the shore of the water too scared to get in. We have the knowledge, but we don't possess the confidence in God. ouch. I know - it stings a little but its true.

If the physical mind has the ability to lock or unleash the human body, then I believe we can know for certain that the word of God can unleash us.... but the belief and trust and confidence in who He is, that is what will propel us forward.

We have to know, that we know, that he is the risen savior, and that His word is for us. We must proclaim and set our mind on His promises and speak them only. 

If I would have spent the week saying "I'm never going to walk on this leg again, my muscles will never be the same, I should have never had the surgery" then you can bet I wouldn't have left there today walking with both legs in full motion.  Instead I spent the week saying - I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. I am healed and complete lacking nothing. I am able to do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I will walk out of therapy on Friday giving all glory to my God because he is Able and I am willing.

So today check your words, and search your mind. What have you set your mind on? The mind is a powerful thing, let us use it wisely within the body of christ.

Lord- Thank you for this minute understanding on the power of the mind in the natural body and within the body of Christ. Supercharge us to take every thought captive. Let us glean from your Word that ignites the fire within us to stand in this last day, and not only to stand but to run forward in your anointing and power. Help us to speak words of truth and to set on mind on victory.    -Amen

Until next time -

originally written on June 30th 2017

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