Refusing Anxiety.

"Find one thing, and do it well". This seemingly innocent (common) phrase has brought so much unneeded anxiety to my life the past month. And to be honest, I am not even sure that anyone told me this verbally, but it has been rolling over and over in my mind. For those of you who may not know, I seem to wear many hats. At the top of my list are my God-given privileges of being a Mother (to a toddler and infant) and Wife. I also work with my Dad's company assisting in sales, marketing and customer accounts and I work as an RN at the Hospital. Meanwhile I am continuing my nursing education online and have the honor of leading the women's ministry at our church. While it may seem like alot to do at one time, God has given me grace (and energy y'all!) to enjoy my moments spent in each area.

The simple saying "Find one thing and do it well" let me searching, praying and scratching my head trying to select one thing, from my plate of many, and simply just do that ONE thing. Y'all - I can't even explain to you the amount of anxiety this caused me. And then, one day driving in the car, in the stillness of life with worship music playing on my radio - it hit me. "I never said you have to pick just one thing." woah. mind blown. Then my spirit seemed to flood with promises, and my memory was filled with accounts of provision in every area, I could see God's hand move in every hat that I was wearing. Many people ask how I handle these various commitments (which has prompted this post) and it's simple friend, are