Refusing Anxiety.

"Find one thing, and do it well". This seemingly innocent (common) phrase has brought so much unneeded anxiety to my life the past month. And to be honest, I am not even sure that anyone told me this verbally, but it has been rolling over and over in my mind. For those of you who may not know, I seem to wear many hats. At the top of my list are my God-given privileges of being a Mother (to a toddler and infant) and Wife. I also work with my Dad's company assisting in sales, marketing and customer accounts and I work as an RN at the Hospital. Meanwhile I am continuing my nursing education online and have the honor of leading the women's ministry at our church. While it may seem like alot to do at one time, God has given me grace (and energy y'all!) to enjoy my moments spent in each area.

The simple saying "Find one thing and do it well" let me searching, praying and scratching my head trying to select one thing, from my plate of many, and simply just do that ONE thing. Y'all - I can't even explain to you the amount of anxiety this caused me. And then, one day driving in the car, in the stillness of life with worship music playing on my radio - it hit me. "I never said you have to pick just one thing." woah. mind blown. Then my spirit seemed to flood with promises, and my memory was filled with accounts of provision in every area, I could see God's hand move in every hat that I was wearing. Many people ask how I handle these various commitments (which has prompted this post) and it's simple friend, are you ready? ....

I pray.

I know, I know. You were expecting some secret-sauce recipe to greatness. But it is this simple, I pray. Well, maybe it's a little more complex....

I pray, not to fulfill a religious duty, but because I have a desire to talk to my greatest friend of all, Jesus.

I pray to better understand His heart. To ask Him to mold my mind and my Heart to match His.

I pray to ask for my spiritual eyes to be more real to me than my physical eyes, so that I can see the world the way He sees it. I pray to hear Gods voice louder than I hear the noises of this World.

I pray when I feel overwhelmed, and I can feel my flesh try to take over, even if it's as simple as "help me Jesus".

I pray for strength on days that I feel exhausted, and I ask for energy when I'm too tired to brew that last cup of coffee. I pray for God to restore my Joy on days when I am feeling annoyed and crabby.

I pray to appreciate the small things when I feel over-stretched by the constant needs of our children.

And lastly - I pray to love. To walk in love, to choose love no matter how easy it would be to satisfy my flesh.

It would be silly to walk around this life pretending that sometimes the press of everyday obligations don't effect us. We live in this world... BUT we are not of it. Which means that yes, we can feel all these different feelings, but they do not get to rule over you. Our word tells us that no matter the circumstance, we are to let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts (see Col. 3:15). And in the famous words of my sweet momma Im always reminded- “Don't let anything steal your joy."


Pro Tip: While we must always respect boundaries for ourselves, and refuse to be "over-stretched", there is no reason that if God is calling you to do multiple things, that you cannot do each item with excellence and joy. Surround yourself with supportive true friends who will pour life into you and pray you through tough days. Do one thing, Do 10 things, or do nothing and relax in a bath - but whatever you do, never forget to pray.


So today, tomorrow, and every day remember that no matter how busy your life may be - you always have time to pray. In fact - you dont have time not to.

Take this "secret sauce" and spread it on your every day, and share it with a sister in need.

After all - we are in this thing together.

Blessings, Crystal

Give this song a listen “it is well with my soul”:

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