Perfecting the Thing

“The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, endure forever–forsake not the works of Your own hands. [Ps. 57:2; Phil. 1:6.]”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭138:8‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

About five months ago we discovered, with much surprise, that we were expecting our third child. Now, you need to know something about me before we go any further - I am quite the control freak. While I enjoy being spontaneous I also am sure to plan things out, over pack for car rides, and I even use old school planners because I have this real intense need to see things planned out. So, when baby 3 surprised us, after baby 1 and baby 2 were planned, my mind went into a tailspin.

How will we pay for daycare?”

“How will I even take care of three Children when I only have two hands?”

“Now I’m going to have two kids in diapers?!”

“How do I even pump enough milk for the baby while giving the other kids enough attention?”

And then the doozy...

“but lord! We only have a three bedroom house! Where will I take the baby to calm it down at night when everyone else is trying to sleep?”

(Yes. Okay. Yes I know that every child doesn’t need their own room. I’m one of four daughters and we shared rooms my entire life. But the point is.. my heart was worried ... so humor me and keep reading..)

So. I did what all good Christians are supposed to do. I whined to God.

Okay fine — let’s not call it whining... I expressed my concerns. And my persistent shock for this addition to the family. And like the Lord always does, He answered me softly and assured me that even though this baby took me by surprise, it hadn’t taken Him by surprise. He had it planned all along. So, I took this reassurance to heart and reminded myself that if God had this planned, I could trust him with the details. (Silly now In retrospect that I would even consider that God hadn’t thought about the details.. )

I began hilighting scriptures and writing new post it’s to remind myself what Gods word says about His provision, His plan and His faithfulness. Then I went to Pinterest. I looked for ways to incorporate the nursery into our master bedroom and I made a checklist, that I of course shared with my sweet husband (whose been laughing about the irony of this since the beginning) and I got to planning!

We entertained the idea of moving to capture another bedroom but were quickly reminded that finding a four bedroom house with a basement in our area was about $100k over what we were comfortable spending. So, I messaged my sweet friend, prayer partner and also realtor and told her to take us off her radar. We were going to make do where we were, and we were going to make the best of it! Plus, it would be a fun story to tell the baby as it grew older , right?

Well apparently God is a better story teller than I am, because this is where you should get ready for your praise break.

I received a call from my Realtor friend on a Sunny afternoon while I was shopping for baby goodies. She seemed apologetic from the get go. Apologizing for calling me about a house when I had just told her we couldnt afford what we wanted. She told me she had to follow the leading of the Lord. She wanted me to pray about a house she was prepping to list. The house was in our budget, in the location we wanted, with one extra bedroom than we’d requested all while being on the acreage we wanted. It felt too good to be true over the phone so I tried not to get excited. I messaged the details to my hubby and looked i