Paved with Gold.

“The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.”  -Rev. 21:21

Our world seems to revolve around money. We work to make money to afford the things that we want, and to provide a nice life for our family. There is nothing wrong with this desire to provide for your family, in fact the word of the lord even instructs to work rather than lay around dreaming about things (see Proverbs 12:11). The american dollar bill is (supposed to be) backed by gold. I have always imagined that the dollar bill / coin system came about because trading bars of gold between people became quite cumbersome. Though we could spend all day researching how the dollar really is or isn't backed by gold I want to focus mainly on the fact that this money / gold is highly desired, people even kill for it. 

When John, the author of the book of revelation, was writing chapter 21 he was seeing into the very depths of Heaven. He described it the best way he knew how to, with human intellect and vocabulary. He told us that the streets are paved with this very thing - Gold. for readability going forward I will use the words “gold” and “money” interchangeably.

While I was sitting in a church service, tuning my ear to the spirit of the Lord I felt him drop a truth into me about the significance of the gold in our world, and the gold in His heaven. On earth we become anxious about gold, we wonder when we will have the money to pay this bill or that one, we look for new jobs to pay us in more gold, we use it in expression of gratitude from one person to another (think wedding bands, special jewelry) and we store all of it in a safe place.

The Lord however, has a different perspective, His streets are paved with this gold. What would you think if someone came to you in desperate need of asphalt? What if they told you that they were going to loose their home or their car or children without the asphalt..? You would get them the asphalt. You would consider this need of theirs to be so inadequate since the source of the answer to their problem in supplied in such high demand that it paves our streets. This is how the lord views gold. It is in such excessive supply to Him that he has paved the streets with it.

So then why do we worry? Why do we fret about paying bills, and making ends meet? Or wondering if we have enough money in the bank to tithe? (Honey … you cant afford NOT to tithe, let me just throw that out there….) We are focusing on our problem, and not the problem-solver. There is an old song that I absolutely love called “Way-Maker”, let me give you a peek into the lyrics

How do you know he's a way-maker? What has he done for you? Has he brought you out - YEAA, Without a doubt - YEAA, Has he saved your soul - YEAA, Has he made you whole - YEAA He's a way-maker - way-maker, He’s a way-maker!

God is telling us that He has all the supply that we could ever need, We just need to trust Him and thank Him in advance.

Let’s pray - Lord I thank you for this revelation knowledge that you have shared with us. I pray that these words take root within the hearts of your people and that they remain. I ask that you would stir up the faith inside each of them that they would take ahold of your words and know for certain that you are a Way-Maker. Lord, we know that when things look impossible to us, this is your specialty. Lord use us as vessels for you to manifest your glory. Give us the boldness to believe and to proclaim your goodness each time that you work it out for us. We praise you that you are always more than enough, and that as your children you will supply all our needs according to your riches in Glory. May we never fail to praise you in the hallway as we await your promises.     -Amen

Originally written on Sept. 13 2017

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