Moving Impossible Mountains

"Faith to move mountains". If you have been in church any length of time, you have no doubt heard that portion of scripture quoted. There is even a popular song proclaiming trust in God even when mountains don't move when we want them to. To be honest this phrase about moving mountains has become so second nature that I forget the significance of it.

We are vacationing in the dessert this week, Palm Springs California to be exact. Life here is so much different than our life in the cornfields of Ohio. Buildings seem to be stuck in the sixties and lifestyles feel so far 'left' that I am shocked they haven't fallen off the edge... But nonetheless I am astounded by the beauty of the dessert and the mountains. In fact, I wonder how many people drive by these same mountains every day, and fail to realize that they are there. Are you following me? Picking up what I am putting down? So then, I wonder, how many of us walk around the same mountains in our spiritual life every day, and just make it a part of our life. How many times do we build our lives AROUND the mountains instead of moving them like the word instructs us to do?

I never realized the massive... massive-ness of a mountain until this week. And to think that this is the figurative language that Jesus used when talking to us about prayer, really makes me think that I have been under-estimating the power of prayer itself. There is n