More than a Whisper

My entire life I have thought of the Holy Spirit only as as a calm force that nudged you along the straight and narrow paths of life. However lately I have found him to be so much more. Certainly the Holy Spirit can operate in your life in such a gentle way, but recently I have discovered that he wants to be so much more to us than a whisper. 

When I was navigating my way through understanding a relationship with God the Father & Jesus the son I viewed the Holy Spirit like the dessert line at a buffet. It was included in your meal, it was paid for.. but you could leave the buffet without it. In fact in many churches and denominations that I have visited throughout the years  it seemed as if there was a "Danger" sign above this array of desserts.  As I am growing in the lord and spending time seeking wisdom and understanding about his word I have learned that we should never leave the buffet without fully indulging in the desserts. 

Our pastor tells of a story of an old preacher who was asked "do you need the Holy Ghost to make it to heaven?" In which this pastor relied and said "well I don't know about you but I need him to walk to the mailbox" 

Oh what a world it would be if we all had this perspective in regards to our walk with God. Rather than toeing the line trying to see what we can still do on Earth that permits us to slip into Heaven.... what if we made up our mind to walk as far from this world as possible ? 

Enter Holy Ghost stage left. 

This my friends is why we need the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. Within our own flesh it is impossible to withstand the enemy and his sly tactics that attempt to pull us off the straight and narrow. Over and over in Gods word we are told that our flesh is no good. It's sin cursed and looks out for its own benefit. It despises things of God and when left untamed will run amuck in sin and devastation. This is why we need a savior. Thankfully our loving Father God sent us his only son to be a light in the darkness and our literal saving grace. 

When Jesus ascended up to heaven he assured his followers that it was best for them that he leave. And that God would send the Holy Spirit to the Earth to dwell with us. It is this very comforter, and guide that I cannot do life without. This spirit of the trinity has given me such boldness and yet at the same time meekness. The power of this Holy Ghost comforts me in me despair and reminds me of all that God has done for me only because of the blood of Jesus. Hear me now friends.. our righteousness is as filthy rags, but the blood of Jesus washes us white as snow. 

So today I challenge you as well as myself to focus on amplifying the voice of the Lord in your life. That you'd know the Holy Spirit in such a deep way that as he breathes in to speak you've already answered him with "yes Lord". I pray that you'd put off former  concerns about what you might have to "give up" as god calls you closer to him and view it as a refining process. 

There may be times that god asks you to close the door on a friendship. And not because god dislikes community but because god cares about your soul. Some relationships can be damaging to your walk with God. And the enemy knows our weak points. So if he can use a friend to get to you, you bet your bottom dollar he will do it. But you know what is even better than that? God will send someone else. Someone who will pour into you, someone who will lift you up and point you to the father. 

The Holy Spirit is trying desperately to get us to walk in the way of the lord, and sometimes that means trusting in the voice of god so much that you leave the safeness of the ocean shore, let go of your safety net and walk boldly to the Father. Because when God is for you, who can be against you? 

Today I pray that the Holy Spirit becomes so much more than a whisper within our lives. I pray that when he speaks we move. And when he pulls on our heart to check on a brother or sister in Christ that we feel so compelled that we pick up the phone that moment to lend a listening ear. And when he pulls your focus to see this lost and hurting world, you pray with them - Right there in the middle of their mess, you speak life, encouragement and love. Let his spirit guide you into all truth, giving you boldness and discernment every step of the way. 

May we never visit the Holy Trinity buffet and leave without the dessert. 

originally written on July 14, 2017

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