More than a Whisper

My entire life I have thought of the Holy Spirit only as as a calm force that nudged you along the straight and narrow paths of life. However lately I have found him to be so much more. Certainly the Holy Spirit can operate in your life in such a gentle way, but recently I have discovered that he wants to be so much more to us than a whisper. 

When I was navigating my way through understanding a relationship with God the Father & Jesus the son I viewed the Holy Spirit like the dessert line at a buffet. It was included in your meal, it was paid for.. but you could leave the buffet without it. In fact in many churches and denominations that I have visited throughout the years  it seemed as if there was a "Danger" sign above this array of desserts.  As I am growing in the lord and spending time seeking wisdom and understanding about his word I have learned that we should never leave the buffet without fully indulging in the desserts. 

Our pastor tells of a story of an old preacher who was asked "do you need the Holy Ghost to make it to heaven?" In which this pastor relied and said "well I don't know about you but I need him to walk to the mailbox" 

Oh what a world it would be if we all had this perspective in regards to our walk with God. Rather than toeing the line trying to see what we can