March On, Sister.

Sometimes riding out your calling is easy peasy, but most of the time.. it’s not. This is why being certain you hear God’s voice is paramount in your Christian walk. I’ve found that if anything is certain, it’s that people are just that - people. They act on emotion, they go wherever the wind blows, and (believe it or not) their opinions are Just that - opinions. They aren’t holy doctrine or biblical truths, they are opinions from people. And if we go thru life aiming to please people, we will wind up exhausted, busted and discouraged. But - if we make our decisions based on the Bible, and our intimate conversations with the lord it won’t matter who “agrees” or “disagrees” with you. People are entitled to their own opinions and hey- that’s what makes the world go ‘round. When you move when God says move, and halt when He says so, you’ll have so much peace. Girl - SO much peace.

One of our human flaws is thinking we’ve got to understand everything. Y’all sometimes God throws a wrench in my plan so big that I’m left scratching my head. But- I have to remind myself that I’m not writing my story, He is.

And same goes for you sister. Are you stressing about a change of plans that came straight from the throne? Guess what? He knows best. Follow His lead.

Are you stressing about what people might say? Girllll - let them worry about themselves 🤣 I know. I’m preaching to myself too. But why do we get so hung up on what others think, when all that matters is that we’re listening to His voice ?

We each have a purpose. A group of people we are supposed to reach with Gods truth. How can you get to these people in His plan unless you’re following His path for you ?

So lets agree to let to comments of Those unassigned to our journey roll off our back. Get on the path He’s laid out for you and follow these three words..... March on, Sister.

PS- seeking wise council is biblical and being a wise advice giving friend is needed. But notice that both these positions involve wisdom. Which only flows from the throne of God. Believe in Godly confirmations and always seek his wisdom.

Until next time,

Im your partner in battle.

Crystal Komala

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