"Make Room for Interruptions"

These simple words that I heard during prayer this morning led me back to my kitchen ... you see, lately my daughter (who is three going on sixteen) loves to bake cookies with me. While I enjoy (more than I should) sampling the cookie dough I am almost always interrupted mid-task by this request from my daughter. Though I want to explain to her that I am busy, I realize that she won’t always want to bake with me, therefore I take the time to sit her on the counter and include her in every step of this process. Stay with me, I have a point ...

So often in my busy mindset I mark tasks off my day without failing to open my mind and heart up to the “interruptions” that God wants to bring my way. Whether it be taking the time to encourage someone, stopping to call a friend whose been heavy on my heart, or to simply shutting off the world to sit at His feet for awhile.... to be honest I’m still working on this...

As I look at my life now, compared to what I had planned a mere 10 years ago when I was fresh out of high school I certainly wouldn’t imagine that I’d be where I am today. However this life that I’m living is much better than anything I’d “planned”. However the only way I’ve made it this far is because I’ve learned that making room for Gods “interruptions” is actually a blessing wrapped in what could be easily viewed as an "Inconvenience".

So today respond to His gentle nudges, and welcome His interruptions because they are always much better than we think.

Until Next Time,


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