It's Your Move.

We can pray for God to move all day long, but when He moves, and opens the door, will you be willing to walk through it?

I was in a church service not too long ago and I simply bowed my head to pray during the preaching. My life seemed to be filled with decisions that needed to be made, big decisions, decisions that would certainly affect more than myself. I was asking for clarity, for my emotions to be null and void and for God’s truth about what He wanted me to do to shine loud and clear. It was then that the Lord showed me a vision of a chess board.

The chess board was black and white, like this one shown above. The pawns were set-up and there was only one player present at the board, however I could only see his torso and hands. The player at the board (who I feel was Jesus himself) was in deep thought, carefully considering the move He was about to make on the chess board. Finally, He moved the pawn and sat in stillness. I asked the Lord in that moment what He was showing me, I felt that he was setting the stage. Moving obstacles, aligning the path of least resistance, opening the door to prayers my family had been praying about for months and even years. Later in prayer more was revealed – It was my move.

Chills ran over my body as I realized that just as I pray for God to move in my life, He also expects me to move.

Today as you scroll through this blog post I believe God is telling you the same message that He was showing to me in this vision – It’s your move. He is here, waiting, willing and drawing you nearer to Him with His sweet spirit and it’s up to us to respond.

God is calling, are you willing to respond? The word of God tells us that as we step closer to Him, He draws nearer to us. He intently bends down to listen to the cry of His children, and as He sets the stage for our life, allowing us to carry out the calling on our life He expects us to move with the leading of His spirit. It’s time my friend – TIme to suit up, dress yourself in the armor of God and tune your ear to the frequency of heaven. I can certainly promise that you won’t be disappointed (and I can say that with confidence from experience).

Until Next Time,

Shake off the Shackles

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