Keep Walking.

Have you ever felt beat down? Discouraged? Mentally pressed on all sides? Has your brain ever felt like it was firing on overdrive? Well - you are in good company. I firmly believe that if i took a poll of all the ladies across the globe, 99% would raise their hand in response to the above questions. If you attended the Jan 10th conference a few weeks ago a touch of this may ring a bell to you, but I want to take the time to convey the message the way that my heart feels led to.

The Lord told me many months ago that the enemy seeks to wear out the saints of God. I was putting new sheets on my bed when he told me this. I could immediately identify with the statement and it wasn't until later when I bean to write it down in my journal that I realized it was scriptural. In fact you can check it out for yourself in Daniel chapter 7. The word tells us that in the last days the enemy will speak words against our God, and he will also seek to wear out the saints. And - in case you were wondering.. that is you and me, those following Christ and striving to walk with him daily, those are the saints of God.

So, I dove into my concordance and looked at the words "wear out" in Daniel Ch. 7, Turns out this is the only place in the Bible that these Greek words were used, and it simply means "to afflict - wear out, to wear away, wear out and harass constantly." But here is the big kicker - are you ready? This original wording is ONLY used in a MENTAL sense. yup. you guessed it. All that pressing, the mental anxiety, the weight, the unrest ... that's a trick of the enemy. DISCLAIMER coming atcha... scroll to the bottom to avoid getting your panties in a twist...

Okay - back to our regularly scheduled program...

Once I found this definition in my concordance and realized that this type of spiritual warfare was one that took place in the mental atmosphere of a believer I was blown away. As I sat writing in my journal, realizing the "reach" of the enemy in these last days I walked away from my desk feeling a tad .. well... overwhelmed. So, I said to the Lord "okay lord, its clear that the enemy has a mental foothold on the saints of today. So if what you told me is true, and your scripture is true, then what is the antidote? What is the Holy Ghost reversal I can tell your people to encourage them?"

Before I answer I have got to ask, have you ever asked the Lord a question, and then right after you ask it, and he answers you .. you think - wow. I am dense. I knew that.. I'm sorry for being so forgetful?! ... LOL .. well you are also in good company because this happens to me all the time! Like this time...

So, the Lord answered me and said "In the book of Revelation. Remind them that my blood still works. They overcome Him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony"

Bingo. You are right God.... That is a good one. Okay.. That is what I will tell your people.

So, that is what I want to tell you today. No matter what kind of heaviness you are facing - His blood still works.

No matter how bleak your situation looks, His blood still works. No matter what the enemy is trying to whisper to you about your inabilities, in Him you are made strong.

The Bible didn't say that where we are strong He is stronger. Nope. He said in OUR weakness, He is made strong. That means in the areas of your life where you feel too weak to push through, that is where God wants to show up, and show off.

Pssst... Remember that dream He gave you? The One that looks too big? He still has that for you. The enemy is trying to wear you down SO much that you don't even think twice about perusing that thing. Because He knows that when we put our inability aside, and focus on God's ability, we are unstoppable.

So today I want to encourage you... Keep Walking. No matter how tired you feel, keep sharing your testimony, keep rebuking the devil, and keep standing in His might, Keep believing those Big dreams. The Bible tells us that after we do everything that we can do, we are to STAND in the power of His might, and watch him fight for us. The bible never tells us to sit down and quit. It never tells us that the road ahead is too rough... It encourages us that we can do it, through His blood. Through His victory, through His strength.

Yes, the enemy is fighting. Yes we are living in the last days where darkness seems to be at every corner - but guess what? God always has a remnant. And he's never lost His power. So - I want to hear it.. What is your testimony today? Let's give the enemy a black eye and share it in the comments below, share it with a friend.. nothing is too big or too small. And every time you share a testimony you are Overcoming the evil one. Every. single. time.

Until Next Time, I'm your partner in battle Crystal Komala

DISCLAIMER Okay, Okay.. I know where you are going with this. Yes, you know I am a Registered Nurse, and I agree that at times there are physical reasons for mental unrest. Yes, I do understand that at times an individual needs medical intervention while they get some peace of mind to work through and pray through different situations in life. However I do want you to understand that scientifically we have not been able to prove that low hormones in the body (serotonin, etc.) produces things like anxiety and depression. This is a theory, and we then attempt to treat with a variety of medications hoping that through the right med and the right dosing, mixed with therapy we can "fix" the mental hardships. Not only did I learn this first hand in Nursing school but i actually found a wealth of information once I started researching (if you don't believe me check out some teachings from Dr. Caroline Leaf, and prepare to have your mind blown...) So, in summary .. YES at times medication is needed, but ALWAYS needed is prayer and mental protection from the spirit of God.

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