Keep Walking.

Have you ever felt beat down? Discouraged? Mentally pressed on all sides? Has your brain ever felt like it was firing on overdrive? Well - you are in good company. I firmly believe that if i took a poll of all the ladies across the globe, 99% would raise their hand in response to the above questions. If you attended the Jan 10th conference a few weeks ago a touch of this may ring a bell to you, but I want to take the time to convey the message the way that my heart feels led to.

The Lord told me many months ago that the enemy seeks to wear out the saints of God. I was putting new sheets on my bed when he told me this. I could immediately identify with the statement and it wasn't until later when I bean to write it down in my journal that I realized it was scriptural. In fact you can check it out for yourself in Daniel chapter 7. The word tells us that in the last days the enemy will speak words against our God, and he will also seek to wear out the saints. And - in case you were wondering.. that is you and me, those following Christ and striving to walk with him daily, those are the saints of God.

So, I dove into my concor