Just like He said...

While reading through the Easter story this week I became fixated on this verse in Matthew Chapter 26 -

"He is not here, He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay." -Matthew 26:6 NKJV

As my heart rejoiced for the fact that Jesus didn't stay in the tomb, my spirit nearly leaped out of myself when I read " He said." You see, Jesus told His people that He would die, but rise again on the third day, and He did just that. That is why whenever Jesus tells you something, you can take it to the bank. The Lord doesn't just speak for fun, when he speaks, things move.

Is there a promise that God has made to you that you haven't seen fulfilled yet? Are you clinging to a passion that God has placed within you, unsure how it can come about? Keep pressing. Keep believing. If God said it, that settles it. There is no need to doubt, worry or even wonder - God does exactly what He says that He will do.

This past weekend I saw a lady who was bowing on her carpet to pray to a God who isn't even alive. My spirit became deeply saddened for the woman, and slightly angered. Now, don't judge me just yet - hear me out. I saw the commitment of a woman to a God who had done nothing for her, and I became saddened at the Christian population. Saddened for myself. We complain if church service runs into our lunch time, but these people from other religions will halt their day, right in the middle of life unfolding around them to bow and pray to a God who has no idea they are even alive.  It's sad my friend.... When was the last time God asked you to do something that made you tad uncomfortable, and you declined for fear of looking silly? Yet we know good and well that God intimately knows us, and has our best interest in mind every day. Don't worry - I am preaching to myself here too.

I think it is time that we stop, and think about all the amazing things that God has done for us, and the sacrifice and victory of Jesus surrounding this holiday and make up in our minds that no matter what Jesus asks us to do, we will do it. Not because it is a ritual, but because we have surrendered our hearts to His service. We have a God who listens, cares, and responds. Let's start acting like it. God was so deeply saddened that we couldn't obtain salvation through rules and laws that He sent His most beloved son to die as a "paid in full" ticket for our salvation. That is a love that cannot be explained - and as the old saints say "It's better felt, than telt".

So this Easter, let it be more than eggs, bunnies and plastic grass. Let your heart be warmed with the knowledge of a God who sees your every move, and who means exactly what He says.

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Happy Easter Y'all!

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