Jesus + Pizza

If you would ask my little girl, Miss Addyson, what her two favorite things are she undoubtedly would say - "Jesus and pizza!" As you can imagine she was over the moon excited when we found this Christian shirt proudly displaying her two favorite things; Jesus and Pizza. In fact when we went to Walgreens shortly after taking this photo she lifted up her sweater and proudly showed the clerk her T-Shirt, beaming from ear to ear. The clerk was a bit surprised at first and then gently smiled and said "Jesus and Pizza? That sounds like the best way to start your day." I told her we couldn't agree more.

I love being able to share our faith with strangers on the street, and even more I love dressing my littles in apparel that proudly displays our faith. But, they can be hard to come by, and I know you know the struggle! So you've gotta check out "Bible bb's" . The bible hero's we've come to love as adults are adorably displayed in cartoon form for our littles. They also have books that display faith and Jesus through cartoon-like story's and TOYS are coming soon! And, as if that wasn't enough, to make it even better, they have matching adult shirts too! That's right girl you can ou