"It's not just about you.."

Today I spent the afternoon with a sweet friend. Our kids played, and we managed to carry on a conversation over the laughter and squeals of our littles. This friend in particular has been in our lives since 2009! Her house feels like my second home, and our conversations always seem to drift over to raising our kids "the right way", and chatting about the hurdles we face while we attempt to raise our kids to love God in a world that seems to be growing darker by the minute. However our normal conversation came to a mind blowing halt when we started to talk about countries who aren't predominately Christian, those who are engrained from birth into muslim, hindu, etc. .. what if they die never watching TBN, never hearing the gospel...? Their chances of stumbling upon a Bible in those countries are slim to none. Now maybe you have already thought of this, and it isn't ripping your heart out like it is mine...but bear with me...

So after coming home I consulted the three wisest people I know, The Lord, My Dad and My Husband. Before I tell you the consensus let me just say that for about 3 weeks now the Lord has been telling me, nearly on repeat; "Its not just about you..." So, Im sure you're picking up what I am putting down. The mission field is not going to evangelize itself! (However I have heard several former-muslims say that Jesus appeared to them in a vision or a dream.)

Our calling is not just about us.

Our gifts are not just for us.

Our anointing is not to appease us.

Your passion, your purpose, your destiny, your calling, your gifts.... they are for everyone else. To use to bless, to minister, to bring joy, to encourage.....