If it walks like a duck...

I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest kids cartoon seemingly forcing a worldly mindset on our youth; Authur an “innocent” child’s show recently aired an episode where the teacher, who is male, marries another male character. As I read the news article about this story I was appauled. As I scrolled with utter disbelief and continued to read I felt the Lord speak softly to me- “why are you so surprised that the world is acting like the world?”


well, He did it again y’all. Left me speechless.

“you’re right” I softly muttered as scripture began to flood my soul - “come out from the world and be ye separate” seemed to replay like a CD on repeat. Why is it that we become so discouraged and so bogged down by the actions and reactions of this world when they are behaving in typical fashion for unsaved folk?

Now- calm down ... this is not a prideful post placing myself above those “of the world”. Goodness gracious I needed Jesus just as mush as the worst sinner you can think of. And I still need him, every moment of every day. And I pray that God will use me as a light to lead those lost in this world out of darkness. So please, don’t miss my point. My point here is that we often stress and worry over things that we simply shouldn’t be weighed down with.

When a duck waddles, quacks and swims we don’t get bent out of shape. We expect it. So why then so we become so flustered at the actions of this world when they are behaving just as they know how?