How big is your bag?

In honor of my impending thirtieth birthday I’ve decided to share 30 life tips from yours truly. Saturday was a transparent one. My first life tip suggested that everyone who partied hard for the world should consider seeking Christ with that same zeal. After all, Jesus has the best benefits package around. And, bonus - we’d get to spend eternity together. And from what I hear of life beyond the pearly gates it’s nothing we want to miss. So, this brings me to tip 2 of 30.

Wake up earlier. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, Give it to God.

I'm sorry, you were probably looking for some profound, earth shattering advice. But this tip is just as valuable to me as any other. I’m suggesting more than just giving yourself a few more minutes to actually do your eye makeup before work. I’m suggesting that you set aside time for Jesus before your day even starts. Trust me - it’s worth it.

I was brushing my teeth just a few moments ago and l was thinking about how I’d share this life tip with you. I debated what exactly to say in my head, I decided maybe I shouldn’t push the issue of reading or praying a lot because well- I didn’t want to offend anyone. Just then, like he so often does to me, the lord interjected my thought process. “It’s all about preparation“. .... I was confused. what do you mean? I asked cluelessly. “The journey. How much do you pack for a short trip? Now how much do you pack for a long trip? The same goes for spiritual preparation. If you want to go a long journey, if you want to be advance spiritually, you must equally prepare”


Woah, right? I smiled and kind of giggled at the mere revelation the Lord dropped into my spirit as I brushed my teeth. So, I ask you today- how are you preparing? Do you know enough of Gods heart to explain his love to a broken soul? Have you spent enough time with the Father to know His will for your life? Is your belly so full of His word that you have a counter attack for every lie the enemy tries to throw at you?

I don’t know about you, but I want to take a long journey. I want my cup to be so full that it spills over onto those walking beside me. I want my mind to be so filled with the promises of God that I can’t help but encourage a friend in need. I want to be so connected with Jesus that his healing power flows through me without restriction.

How big is your bag? If you had to pack up all your knowledge of the holy trinity, and stuff your relationship with the father into a bag, how big would it be? How long would it sustain you if you had to take it on a journey?

My Pastor puts it perfectly, he says “-You’re as close to god today as you want to be”

ouch. I know - it stings a little bit, but we can take it. I realize this isn’t a pew jumper, and Maybe it doesn’t have you reaching for the “share” button, but it’s something to think about.

I love you friend.

May your oil be full, and your bag be extra large ♥️

until next time, I’m your partner in battle


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