Handfuls OF Purpose

Does anyone else need the Lord to tell them something multiple times before they actually listen? Well, I'm totally guilty, and thank goodness the Lord is persistent (can I get an amen?) For about a week now I continued to hear "Handfuls of purpose" over and over again in my spirit. Today I sat aside some time for prayer and quiet time before the Lord and I began to study the Book of Ruth. As I read and took my own notes I realized that God was showing me 4 things about this story - Surrender, Salvation, Separation and Purpose.

My study quickly flowed into prayer and then into a document to share with you all.

So today I encourage you to open the (short but powerful) book of Ruth and allow God to speak to you about the four things I mentioned above. Read through the Free download that I created and allow the Lord to speak to you as you begin to pray about each of the four points that He impressed upon me (prayer starters are included in the Free Download).