This morning's Bible reading brought me back to something my old Pastor used to say when speaking of the saving grace of our God. He'd proudly proclaim that God would save from the "Gutter-most to the uttermost". Though I had heard these word over and over for many years the meaning didn't quite hit me until this morning.

If we peek in Hebrews we can read this selection of scripture in the 7th chapter. To set the stage the author is talking about the ultimate priesthood of Jesus (in verse 24) and goes on in verse 25 to state that since Jesus is ever-living to make intercession for us, He is able to save anyone, no matter how low, broken, busted and disgusted they are. The word uttermost here is defined as "full ended that is entire. All complete, perfect, Completely, perfectly, utterly".

Just glancing over the definition of this simple word more than proves from the author of the verse to it's reader that when God does a work, He does a complete and perfect work.

There have been times in my life where I have been healed of certain things, or delivered of strongholds, addictions. etc. While God has given me complete freedom, these things try to rear their ugly head in my life from time to time. However, as I stay strong in the faith and remember the verse I read today (about God doing a perfect work) these attacks become fewer and fewer over time. Let's think about it this way - if the enemy knows that a certain strategy has worked on you in the past, He will continue to use this strategy again and again, hoping that he will catch you in a moment of weakness and that it will work yet again. This is why it is so important that we are filling our hearts and minds with the truth of Gods word, and guarding it against the attacks of the enemy. This way when the enemy comes back in to try and convince us that we didn't in fact receive our healing, or that we weren't actually set free from this or that we can boldly proclaim in his face that our God saves from the gutter-most to the uttermost and when He does a work in our life, he does a complete and perfect work.

So today, no matter what you are facing I pray that you will hold on to the promises of God in the face of adversity, in the midst of challenges, and in the battle. Remember that nothing is too big, too hard or too impossible for our God. Remember that His works are complete and perfect, and that you are a unique, perfectly etched child of the most high king, and his every promise is for you.

Shout it Out Friends,


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