Goodness & Mercy

The word tells us that Goodness and Mercy follow us - but why aren't they in front of us? ...

Growing up my sisters and myself all had the same bible bookmark. It was the classic picture of Jesus tending a flock of sheep and in a nice text overlay the bookmark displayed the 23rd Psalm. As I grew older I memorized every word. However I didn't realize until recently the impact of its last sentence; 

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever.”     Psalms 23:6

To fully understand the impact of this verse in my life you must understand that I viewed God as an angry man ready to strike me down with lightening whenever I slipped up. I was not framilliar with his long suffering attributes or his grace. As I have stated in the "about me" section of this blog I am coming to know more of gods true love after being married and having a child. My views of the father have certainly shifted from the time I memorized the 23rd Psalm but realizing the vast difference between who God is, and who I comprehend him to be can be challenging. 

This is why I pray for revelation and wisdom from the Father. I mean, let's be honest. Who can even understand the mind and heart of our God? 

Recently our pastor was preaching a good word when she said "...and when I turn around Grace and Mercy will be right there for me..." Nearly immediately I asked the lord "shouldn't grace and mercy lead us? Why are they following behind us?" He quickened within me and brought to rememberence the 23rd Psalm. 

He then gently whispered - they are following you because when you turn away from my path, instruction or reproof they are there to take you by the hand, turn you back around in the right direction and propel you forward towards me."

Now maybe y'all have already simply arrived but this blessed me! 

So often I find myself fretting that I've made a bad decision and nearly completly convinced that God is wringing his hands trying to decide how to get me back on the right path ... but in all reality the moment we ask the lord to take us by the hand, He is ready and willing to do so. And his word tells us that goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our life. 

I'm so very thankful that as I walk out this life desiring to be close to the shepherd, the lord allows grace and mercy to follow close behind me. It is up to me to keep my heart pure and my mind steadfast on him, and as I do these things I know that the Holy Spirit has every intention of grabbing my hand when I fall or turn my back on the promises of God, and His Goodness and Mercy will lead me in the way I should go. 

Lord, help us to be steadfast in your word. Help us to tune our ears into the frequency of heaven so that we can daily walk with you. When we lean to our flesh rather than your spirit please lead us with your grace and mercy back to your truth. Thank you for you goodness.


originally written on August 12, 2017

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