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We are all hungry for the Glory of God, but where is it?


This weekend my husband, daughter and myself drove about an hour to listen to one of our favorite christian bands. We left the littlest Komala with our beloved babysitter and hit the road. I was ecstatic to take Addyson, at the ripe age of 4, to her first Christian concert! I had no knowledge of Christian concerts until I was dating my now-husband. Y'all, I grew up on the Old Red Hymnal and had no idea upbeat "Jesus Music" (as my daughter calls it) even existed. While those Old Hymns hold a special place in my heart I may have given my left kidney back then to hear something like this. So anywho, we made the drive and enjoyed every bit of the concert. An alter call was given and people flooded the front of the church, desperate to feel the tangible presence of the Lord, desperate to feel his Joy manifest in their life. And these were church folk y'all!

Now - don't misunderstand me friend, I am in NO WAY degrading these lovely people, as we have all been there in our walk with God. However the immense response from the congregation made me realize that as followers of Christ, the m