Forged by Fire.

Forged (verb) "To form by heating and hammering. To beat into shape, to form or make by concentrated effort."

Sounds painful, doesn't it? Well - I will be the first to tell you that being on the receiving end of a "forging" isn't the most comfortable feeling in the world. You see, I am in a place of transition, or rather we are in a place of transition. My husband and I have been talking lately and sharing that we feel such a shift in the atmosphere, a pressing if you will. In fact, our pastor preached an on-time message just a week ago encouraging the congregation that when the winds blow, and you feel a shift taking place, dig your heels in and pray.

Well, that is exactly what we have been doing.


But can I be transparent with you for a moment? Dreams have come in this season. When I have a spiritual dream I awaken after it and jot down every detail I can remember. From colors to feelings, I have learned that everything in a God-breathed dream is important. In my dreams the Lord began to confirm this season, this feeling of pressing. I confided in a few close friends and asked them to pray with me concerning these dreams. Well, how many of you know that the enemy never ceases trying to wiggle in?! Rather than holding onto the encouragement offered to me in my dreams I began to shift into anxiety and fear. What if I made the wrong decision? Fears of wrecking Gods plan for my life seemed to flood my every thought. Finally, about a week into these feelings of anxiety I took a step back. I recalled the dreams and remembered that God was encouraging me to continue pressing in, to rely on the spirit of God. I then realized that this fear and anxiety of "what if" was a direct blow from the enemy.

okay - now I was downright mad. How many of y'all know that sometimes it's necessary to get mad at the enemy? From that moment on anytime my mind seemed to flood with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty I would speak aloud -