Forged by Fire.

Forged (verb) "To form by heating and hammering. To beat into shape, to form or make by concentrated effort."

Sounds painful, doesn't it? Well - I will be the first to tell you that being on the receiving end of a "forging" isn't the most comfortable feeling in the world. You see, I am in a place of transition, or rather we are in a place of transition. My husband and I have been talking lately and sharing that we feel such a shift in the atmosphere, a pressing if you will. In fact, our pastor preached an on-time message just a week ago encouraging the congregation that when the winds blow, and you feel a shift taking place, dig your heels in and pray.

Well, that is exactly what we have been doing.


But can I be transparent with you for a moment? Dreams have come in this season. When I have a spiritual dream I awaken after it and jot down every detail I can remember. From colors to feelings, I have learned that everything in a God-breathed dream is important. In my dreams the Lord began to confirm this season, this feeling of pressing. I confided in a few close friends and asked them to pray with me concerning these dreams. Well, how many of you know that the enemy never ceases trying to wiggle in?! Rather than holding onto the encouragement offered to me in my dreams I began to shift into anxiety and fear. What if I made the wrong decision? Fears of wrecking Gods plan for my life seemed to flood my every thought. Finally, about a week into these feelings of anxiety I took a step back. I recalled the dreams and remembered that God was encouraging me to continue pressing in, to rely on the spirit of God. I then realized that this fear and anxiety of "what if" was a direct blow from the enemy.

okay - now I was downright mad. How many of y'all know that sometimes it's necessary to get mad at the enemy? From that moment on anytime my mind seemed to flood with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty I would speak aloud -

"My God is for me. The word says that his sheep know his voice, and I will only listen to the voice of my Father. I will walk forward in confidence in the path God has laid out before me. I will make wise decisions and I will complete every task God has desired that I complete. I will leave NOTHING undone."

As I began to speak, faith began to stir within me. My dreams would flood back into my memory and I would praise God for where He is taking me. I admit that I am weak clay in the hands of the potter, but I am willing to be shaped at his mercy. Because, let's be honest y'all - God's plan for our life is much greater than anything we could even imagine.

So, all of that backstory was necessary to bring you to where I am today. My constant prayers and pleads to hear God's voice in every moment has left my spiritual ears on high alert. As I made my coffee today I heard the spirit speak these powerful words --

"I have forged you, as a weapon to be used in my hands."


Now, I about shouted (but the baby was asleep..) and did a little dance! I quickly took to the dictionary to confirm the meaning of "forged", as thats not a word I frequently use... and I became even more encouraged. This beating and pressing, the heat of the fire and the blowing of the winds of change have been raging, but it is ALL for His glory. To be used as a weapon in His hand.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, I am glad you asked. It means exactly what it says. That when you feel a pressing, when you feel a spiritual shifting - it's time to press in through prayer, it's time to spend time declaring the promises of God over your life. It's time to recognize the tactics of the enemy from the moment he tries to steal your joy - and tell him "Not today Satan." It's time to realize that while we may bring trials upon ourselves as a result of disobedience, there are times of "wilderness", can I get an amen? Times where God is preparing you for your next season. Times where God is calling you apart, away and close to Him. Time where you must go back to the promises He has spoken over you and take refuge in them, knowing that in these spiritual pressings God is making something out of you. He is forming you into a LITERAL weapon that will penetrate the very forces of darkness because you my friend, you realize that the same God that is in you is the same God that raised Jesus from the dead. You realize that with Him nothing is impossible, and you too are ready to leave nothing undone - even if it means you must go through a pressing, a beating and a hammering.

From one forged friend to another, keep pressing. I promise it will be worth it.

Until next time, Crystal

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