Escape God's Way

"Speak a revelation to my heart Lord, What do you want to show me?"These were the words I quietly uttered to the Lord as I walked into the bottom level of the Arc Encounter in Kentucky. Here I was, hand in hand with my husband, lost in awe. Then, almost as quickly as I had asked the question the Lord had an answer.

"I always provide a way of escape for my people"

Wow. Well, there you have it. I could have just shouted myself back to the shuttle bus and went home. Instead I continued to walk aboard this massive ship. As I read the facts, and saw firsthand how everything mentioned in Genesis was totally feasible the words that the Lord spoke to my heart rang in my spirit. I wasn't just walking on a giant ship, I was walking inside a physical representation of Gods promise, His protection, His mercy and His compassion. The bible tells us that at the time of the global flood mans mind was on evil continually. But God still had a remnant - Noah & his family. He provided a way of escape for his people.

The drug epidemic that is sweeping this nation brings me to tears. It hit home a couple weeks ago as we laid a fellow classmate to rest at the hands of this horrible reality. Yet as I read research articles on drug abuse and I study the effects of these various substances on the human body