Dream to Destiny

Have you ever had God-Given Dreams so big that they flat out intimidate you? So much that you shove them into this "Some Day, Some How" File Folder in the very back of your mind? Something that you only dare let yourself open every once in a blue moon? What if I told you that God is calling those dreams OUT of the file folder and in to your near-future?

I must be honest and say that I am not much of a "Dream talker". Do I have big dreams? Youbetcha. But I often don't give them air time. I learned as a teenager, after I won Miss Ohio that not everyone wants to share in your excitement and accomplishments. In fact, there is only a SLIM few that will actually be happy for you as you do well in life. It's sad, but true! And I wish I could say the church is exempt from that type of jealousy, but in reality church is filled with broken people trying to emulate Jesus, and we don't always get it right. So - My big dreams, the visions God has given me, the aspirations He's placed inside my spirit are only shared with a few (super) close ladies. Now, I am not advocating for this kind of Dream-Secrecy ... In fact, Jesus is poking - okay, shoving me out of it. In fact, thats the spark behind this blog post. I was on the phone with my best friend when I said "yeah I have big dreams too ... one day..."

the Lord nearly slapped my hand, I could feel his annoyance with my reluctance to fully grab onto the things He's called me to do. "Stop calling it a dream, and start calling it your destiny!"


Then it hit me. If my (nearly) 6 year old daughter told me, and those surrounding her that she “dreamed of eating”, knowing good and well that I supply her breakfast, lunch, dinner (...and countless snacks) every single day I would be annoyed that she seemed to think that somehow she needed to dream of eating, when she knew good and well I supplied this for her, without end! And to be honest, I’d be more annoyed at this rhetoric if I found out she was telling this to her teacher at school, or her classmates, I wish my mom would pack my lunch ...

are you getting the picture here? We don’t use the dream vocabulary when something is attainable, when it’s within reach, when we expect it. We use the dream vocabulary when it feels off in left field, when it’s something we can’t possibly truly see but something we hope for. Now- I’m all for hope, trust me. But today what God is birthing within me is that It’s time to war in the heavens and go after our destiny.

In my prayer time the other day the spirit prompted me to ask for “warring angels” to be dispatched, as I prayed for my family and our purpose and direction. warring angels?

to be honest I pushed those words away and didn’t speak them. Then at church service later that evening the Lord rebuked me, and told me I quenched him earlier that morning from moving because I refused to pray what the spirit needed ....


I quickly repented and began to pray for and declare it right then. And my spiritual eyes were open. I saw the battle raging and the lord spoke “I’ve made your hands to war“. This is it church, there is no dress rehearsal, Time is winding down with each second and God has given us big things to do, but what are we waiting on? Would we dare believe? Would we dare take him at his word? It’s time to do the thing, girl.

Stop dreaming, start believing. The time is now for your destiny. So reach up in the heavens, call it down with praise, walk forward and wisdom, and refuse to back down. The enemy would like nothing more than to overwhelm us with complacency. But we are a generation who will fulfill Gods every desire. Contrary to what the enemy might think.


Until next time,

I’m your partner in battle

Crystal Komala

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