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It's been about a week since I fell on the ice and managed to give myself a doozy of a concussion. Other than learning new technique to detect a concussion, I have learned SO much. So, lean in friend- Im going to attempt to spill...

Since the concussion I have been able to see in the spirit with ease. Normally I have to be "in the zone" to see in the spirit. I will be praying at home, laying hands on someone else, or often I begin to have visions when the Holy Spirit is moving during Worship service. However since nearly knocking myself out I can see spirits and angels just as clear as I can see the laptop that I am writing on. Now, if you have read my book "The Trip" you know that I used to see spirits openly (with ease) like this when I was in college. So what has changed from college, to now? Well - Let's take a side note here and say that I was not living for the Lord when I was in college. I was praying, I was seeking direction but my life was so filled with sin that all I saw was darkness, heavy spirits, opressive spirits and demons. In fact, it nearly stole my peace at that point in time. But this goes to show us that the GIFTING is there even when we aren't using it the way we are supposed to. Take mediums for example, I don't doubt that they can see in the spirit, and even talk to spirits (which I don't advise by the way..) but they are playing for the wrong team. They are using their spiritual gifts outside of the direction and will of God. So, eventhough I was sinning in college, I was still able to see in the spirit because the gift didn't leave.

Are you following me?

So if the gifting has been consistent then something else must have changed, right? As I began to pray and ask the Lord to show me what has changed he helped me to realize that all the "brain rest" I have been doing to recover physically from the impact of the concussion has pulled back "filters" from my mind, my spiritual eyes and ears. okay .. hear me out. The social media, the news networks, the emails ... all the scrolling...the texting... was painting a rhetoric in my mind that was pulling my focus away from the voice of heaven. It seemed that each application, each minute spent scrolling, each moment spent listening to the news was building a wall in-between my spiritual senses and my physical senses. Causing me to feel that much further from the frequency of heaven.

Sure, those things could be removed. I could pray and ask the Lord to help me hear his voice and sure enough he would. When I am in an atmosphere that is lifting up the spirit of God, the filters and the walls seem to fade away, opening my eyes and ears clearly to the spirit of God.

...keep listening sis.. there is a message in this...

So if we know from the Word of God that we are an eternal spirit, living in a fleshly body. And we know that we have a purpose for life, and for each day. If we aren't dead - He's not done. Amen? So, how many of us are just like I have been? Walking around with my spirit inside of me, but leading with the flesh. Leading with spiritual filters in place. ;;; ouch ;;;

When we think of "leading with the flesh" often we think that must mean that we are falling into sinful temptation. But what if it's deeper than that?

What if we have inadvertently silenced the leading of our spirits, the leading of the Holy Spirit, the leading of the voice of God because we are walking around with spiritual static ... spiritual filters. Filters so thick that we couldn't even heed to the voice of God if he was shouting at us across the table because we are so [padded] with scrolling, with mindless media, with worldly propaganda that we can't hear. let alone see.

Maybe I'm preaching to myself. But even in that case, I need to hear it. So I'm going to keep going.

I have found a new feature on my updated phone. Its called "Do not disturb" When I turn this on I only allow notifications to flash thru my phone from certain people. While I did this as a method of healing to reduce screen time .. I am now adopting it as a lifestyle. I want to be baseline unbothered by extra noise, extra influence. I want to be so finely tuned into the frequency of heaven that it's HIS voice that leads me. It's HIS voice that wakes me up in the morning and plans my day. Not my calendar. I want the chior of heaven to plan my playlist, not my spotify.

maybe this is too deep. But I have a feeling that if you're still reading this blog-sermon we have more in common than you may think. Maybe you don't see in the spirit but I bet you have a longing to know more about the heart of the Father. You desire to be close to Him, just like I do. You desire to live out every ounce of your calling, just like I do. So I'll ask you, just like I have had to ask myself ... are you entertaining extra noise? how are your distractions? Can you reduce them?

Can you put your social life on "do not disturb" so that you can find the frequency of heaven?

I promise friend.. He has MUCH for you. The frequency of heaven will not disappoint.

Until next time. Crystal K

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