Close to the Shepherd

"Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."     - Matthew 10:23

As I mentioned in my Bio I am a small town girl, my high school had things like "Drive your tractor to school day" and "Donkey Basketball" (oh yeah girl - you had to RIDE a donkey up and down the court, it was a hoot...) are you seeing the mental picture? This small town upbringing meant that I was full force involved in FFA and 4H groups throughout all my schooling years. Even before I could technically show at the fair, I was in clover bud shows with my older sister's fair projects. The livestock that seemed to be our specialty was sheep. I can't seem to remember a spring growing up where I wasn't reading books to the sheep  in the barn just to try and convince them to like me.

As I grew in the Lord and spent more time in His word I noticed the correlation between sheep and His church. This makes me giggle to think about because if I learned one thing showing sheep it is this - Sheep are stupid. Okay, Okay, maybe that wasn't the most eloquent way to word it, but it is the honest truth. They are skittish, fearful, flighty and followers. o u c h Isn't this a sad truth about the church? Our father must have to giggle when he sees us run from one place to another acting in fear when he specifically tells us in his Word to fear for nothing, and to even take no thought for tomorrow. As I kept these thoughts in mind considering the correlation between the church & sheep I read Matthew chapter 10. The verse I called out above rests in verse 16, and the part I'd like to focus on is "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves..." 

If I can be honest my next thought to the Lord was "Well Lord, that sounds a little frightening, how could the sheep be safe in a field filled with wolves?" Thats when He answered me saying - "The Sheep are fine, if they stay close to the shepherd."

So this, my friends, is a charge and challenge to you (and me) in this sin cursed world - Stay Close to the Shepherd.

When you seem to be the only one in school who prays over your meals - Stay close to the Shepherd. When they gossip about you by the coffee pot at work - Stay close to the shepherd. When your marriage is on the rocks - Stay close to the shepherd. When your children are sick, and you begin to doubt the words of God - Stay close to the shepherd. When you are waiting on a promise to manifest that is seeming to take years - Stay close to the shepherd. 

The only way to make it out alive, is to stay close to the shepherd.  How do you do that? You spend time with Him. Read His word, sing His praises, pray in the spirit, surround yourself with like-minded believers, ask Him to prune your life so you can stand as close to Him as possible. Be encouraged my sheep friends, we may be naturally fearful in our flesh but the Shepherd of our flock has promised us that he will lead us, guide us, and speak to us as we set our hearts after Him. 

Originally written on Sept. 5 2017

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