Climbing the ladder

An open vision turned blog post.

Let’s just cut to the chase - maturing as a Christian can be hard, am I right? And let’s keep on the honest train here, not only do we have to keep ourselves in check but as we do this we often glance over at other fellow believers and compare their walk with ours. Ouch. I know. I went there. Just keep reading... We get annoyed that they do things that we don’t, or vise versa and if we are not careful it takes on a form of pride within our hearts. Placing ourselves above another when we know good and well we’d be in a worse pit of it wasn‘t for Jesus teaching in and pulling us out.

Now, if you know anything about me you know that I feel the pruning process is a VITAL part of our Christian walk. and here’s the kicker friends, our pruning process doesn’t always line up with our friends next to us. And Sometimes, God moves these people out of our path for a season. While the enemy seeks to isolate and tear down, the Lord seeks intimacy with Him to build you up. And to deepen your roots.

Are you with me Friend? We are almost to the vision part... . For several days leading up to this vision I had been in prayer. Asking the lord about the very thing we just talked about. I was wondering why some people seemed to have the liberty to do and behave a certain way while I knew that God had specifically instructed me against it. In my mind things are black and white, if you do XYZ you are saved, if you do not, you are lyin girl, you ain’t saved. Lol it sounds comical now but in my quest for Walking as close to Jesus as possible there’s been many things I’ve had to alter, change, let go of and see differently. So this led me to ask the Lord why so many people seemed to be used of God, yet their actions and behaviors didn’t seem to mirror what he’d placed in my heart. The lord dropped a truth bomb and led me To write out several steps on a sheet of paper. He had me title it “from Salvation To Surrender” and there were several several transition points that a Christian must go through on the road to a spirit-led 100% surrendered life. Of course the starting point was salvation. The admittance of needing a savior and confessing Jesus as that beautiful one. But between there and a 100% surrendered life to Christ were many... checkpoints...if you will. (is the suspense killing you? I promise I’ll share all these in detail soon.. they are the chapters to my book I’m writing..) Now don’t get it twisted sister. I know the ground is level at Calvary. However if you search the scripture you can see that the people God chose to work miracles through, those who he used to lead nations out of captivity.. they had a total surrender to follow God’s voice even when it looked and sounded crazy. And guess what? They had a heckuva lotta pruning they had to go through in the meantime.

okay- so back to the vision. I was standing in church and saw as plain as day an open vision before me. I saw a man standing at the bottom of a ladder, he was holding several things in his hands and looking upwards. I could not see the top of this ladder but I knew it was His God ordained Destiny. However in order to get from where he was to his true purpose in life he had to climb the ladder. But his hands were full. His heart yearned to see what was at the top of the ladder so he began to climb trying to hold onto rungs while holding all of his stuff. He couldn’t even make it up one step. In his left hand he held a briefcase, in his right was a 6 pack of beer. He sat down the briefcase and started to climb. He made it a few steps but then fell to the ground. He was puzzled as he was sure he could make it up this ladder with only one hand, but he couldn’t. So sat down the 6 pack, but pulled a few longnecks out of the pack and attempted the climb again. No avail. He fell again. The man sat at the bottom of the ladder, looking up, clinging to everything that was holding him back. I never witnessed him successfully let go of everything and climb the ladder to his destiny. Even though his heart wanted to.

Are you picking up the Visual? This is where so many Christians “fall” short. This is why we feel compelled for more for greater! Because we are designed for it! But to get There, there’s some junk we’ve gotta let go of. There’s some flesh we’ve gotta crucify. And the beauty of it is, these things in our hands that we try to hold onto looks different for every one of us because we are all in a different place on our road from salvation to surrender. What are you holding in your hands?

Lord, open the eyes of our hearts. Help us to look on other brothers and sisters with compassion. Helping them up the ladder to their destiny while encouraging them to let go of control, of worldliness, of relationships, of unmet expectations, pulling them down... whatever it may be help us to be a light shining so bright for you that it compels them to climb higher. And help me Lord. Help me to immediately drop anything that cannot go with me Into my destiny. Even if it looks abnormal to this world I know that at the end of this life all I need is you. And all I want is to complete Everything you’ve set before me. -Amen

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