Church hurt hurts

This one’s for the hurt folks. The ones who’ve felt pain, rejection and disappointment at the hands of the church.

{{You’re in good company}}

Churches are buildings full of people. People who have a heart to work for Jesus, but people who are just that — people.

People with their own hang ups, passions, insecurities, doubts and beliefs. Imperfect people trying to serve a perfect God.

It’s a no wonder the church deals out hurt on occasion. In our minds it’s the place of peace, answers and glory. It’s the closest thing we can get to heaven, on earth. (Which in all reality is a high expectation to place on anyone.. )So when we become disappointed, hurt, confused or even saddened at the hands of a church member or leader, it hits different.

These people were supposed to serve us joy, not hurt. But there’s that word again— people.

We cannot expect people to deliver gifts that only Christ can give.

Sure, the Holy Spirit works through people (I mean that is the great commission) but joy, peace, satisfaction, love, self assurance … that all comes from Christ & Him alone.

with Easter around the corner I think it’s important to remember that Jesus was literally crucified at the hands of …. The church.

The other day Addyson, my 7 year old, asked me why Jesus was killed by people who knew the Bible. Shouldn’t they realize he was the son of God??

She was so confused. in her mind anyone who believed in the Bible was perfect. Oh what innocence. but isn’t that what we do as adults? …

It was the religious elect who sought to silence Jesus. The very “family” who should have embraced him, rejected him.

Yet he still loved us enough to endure the hate & rejection to become the ultimate sacrifice for humanity.

That’s some strong love.

So, in the face of church hurt rest in knowing that if Jesus endured, so can we. And if he loved despite the hurt, so can we.

Even though those who represented God, hurt Jesus, Jesus never turned his back on God.

No matter the level of hurt from those who represent God, never turn your back on The Father. Sometimes as people, we get it wrong. But when love is our anchor He’ll always work it out for our good, and his glory.

There’s a calling only you can fulfill. A people only you can reach. A commission from heaven, just for you. And just like Jesus- you may have to endure some hurt, to fulfill the call.. but love will lead you there. Because love never fails, and neither does He.

Press on Saint. The oil is worth the pressing.

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