Blessings Seen & Unseen

“...Even when I cant see you, you’re workin. Even when I can’t feel you, you’re workin. You never stop, you never stop workin. You never stop, you never stop workin...”

These lyrics have been playing over and over in my head for about a week now. And though I don’t have a very long story to blog & share with you, I want to take a moment and encourage you By simply reminding you that our God never stops working.

It’s so amazing to know that even when we don’t think we see God moving on our behalf He is truly always working. He is rerouting demons, blocking sickness, dispelling disease and watching over us, His children.

Tonight I am thankful for a God that never sleeps or slumbers, He truly is a powerful God who always remains “on call”.


Lord I thank you for not only moving in all the ways that I can see, but for working in every area that I cannot see. Thank you for blocking evil in the spiritual realm and protecting my family, my friends and my home. Thank you for always listening and never failing to comfort me in the midnight hour. You are truly the best friend I’ve ever had. -Amen

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