All of it.

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to be “must be nice“ in reference to the perceived ease of being used by the Lord I could certainly pay off my nursing school debt. And hey- I’ll admit. I’ve been guilty of saying these things about others too. But what we often fail to see is the mental struggle behind the success. The travail behind the prophesy, the Discipline behind the discipleship.

We can’t just wake up one day and expect to be used by God if we don’t first submit to His authority, study His word, search His heart, prune our lives and spend time at His feet. And often just before the on-fire message there was a fire-filled attack, a lesson learned and a devil fought.

But we want it the easy way.

We want the fire of God without sacrifice. We want the breakthrough without the battle. But it just doesn’t work that way friends.

If I can speak from my own experience, the powerful Christians I know, have endured private attacks. They have had to press thru during the attack of the enemy. But the press led them to prayer, which led to refining, strengthening and a near-portal to Heaven.

In my life, whenever I lead a ministry event I end up sick as a dog before and after. Like the enemy tried to prevent me from going in the first place, then punishes me for persisting. But - Gos gives me grace and strength. And I get a chance to look in the face of the enemy & say “nice try! But I’ll never stop working for my King!”

So, when you see the smiles, the powerful prayers, the Bible studies, the books.... never assume it came without a fight.

But nevertheless we persist. We fight the good fight. We declare His goodness. We count it all JOY because with every revelation, every answered prayer, every hot tear we know that working for the King, under His covering is the best place to be.

This may be what it looks like to finish leading a 7 week Bible study, but little does the enemy know - I’ve already started writing the next one. He should have taken me out when he had the chance. because I’m here for it, all of it.

We are victorious friend!!

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