Age is just a number

Have you ever heard the phrase “age is just a number”? Well, In God’s kingdom it’s true! All He is looking for is a willing vessel that He can flow through. Whether you’re young like David when he slew Goliath or you’re old like Sarah when she conceived... age is just a number.

While I was blow drying my hair the other night I was thinking on new traditions I’d like to start in my family, like always taking the time to pray aloud for protection before we leave the house. Of course, the enemy was all over me with excuses, and one was “it’s too late to start that now, Addyson is already four.” Almost as quickly as the enemy spoke, the spirit of the lord raised up within me and said - age means nothing to me, it is just a number. I only look for willing vessels, no matter their age.

Wow. What a powerful reminder of Gods goodness and mercy!

The enemy will try every excuse under the sun to keep you from walking in your calling, but when God is for you, Nothing can stop you - unless you let it! So pick up your sword, and put the enemy in his place. Today is the day you squash those excuses and move forward with boldness! Are you ready sister? Let’s go!

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