Acceptance does not equate Love

I originally write this post on 9/4/15, however it rings SO true, its worth sharing again.

It seems we have come to a place in this society where many use the excuse “God Loves Me” for their license to sin, or license to live in disobedience. Many stand under the ‘waterfall of grace’ in hopes that somehow it will distract the ‘grace-giver’ from their willful disobedience

I've only been a mother for a short time, 10 months to be exact, however it seems that I cannot even remember life without my daughter. I wonder how I spent my time before I was chasing quick feet and washing sweet hands, that life seems as a distant memory. At times I gaze into my daughters eyes, or look at her as she peacefully sleeps in my arms and I am reminded of the scripture that tells us that we are evil by nature, and even we want to give good things to our children. Then the scripture speaks of how much more God desires good for us since he is purely good, and righteous and holy. I Cannot imagine feeling or giving ‘more’ love to my daughter than I do at this moment. It seems I love her with my whole