Acceptance does not equate Love

I originally write this post on 9/4/15, however it rings SO true, its worth sharing again.

It seems we have come to a place in this society where many use the excuse “God Loves Me” for their license to sin, or license to live in disobedience. Many stand under the ‘waterfall of grace’ in hopes that somehow it will distract the ‘grace-giver’ from their willful disobedience

I've only been a mother for a short time, 10 months to be exact, however it seems that I cannot even remember life without my daughter. I wonder how I spent my time before I was chasing quick feet and washing sweet hands, that life seems as a distant memory. At times I gaze into my daughters eyes, or look at her as she peacefully sleeps in my arms and I am reminded of the scripture that tells us that we are evil by nature, and even we want to give good things to our children. Then the scripture speaks of how much more God desires good for us since he is purely good, and righteous and holy. I Cannot imagine feeling or giving ‘more’ love to my daughter than I do at this moment. It seems I love her with my whole being. Yet, I am perplexed at the thought that the Lord Loves me more than that.

If I go on to think of the well recited verse, John 3:16 and I think of it through eyes of a parent I can now only begin to process that kind of love.

The popular verse tells us that God SO LOVED the world. God SO LOVED me, God SO LOVED you, that he gave his one and only Son. Just so that we could be free, live eternally with him, and have a relationship with him.

The Gospel is such a beautiful story.

It speaks of a Love for these people he created just for fellowship. I mean, I often think about why God even wanted to create man ? He did create the earth all by himself, the galaxy, the plants, the animals.. everything. I believe He created us for fellowship. For someone to love him out of choice, not out of necessity.

The Gospel is the greatest Love Story ever written… Just think about it…

Let me start by sharing with you my recent story of my daughter. All 10-months of herself very excitingly found a pen on the floor. She showed me, so proud of this magical thing she had found. Instinctively I snatched it from her, thinking of all the horrible things that could happen. (You know, her falling with the pen in her hand and stabbing out an eyeball or something else tragic). Struck by what she felt to be an immediate tragedy the tears started to flow. How could I? Her mother, someone who is supposed to love her, take something from her that only made her happy? …. Isin’t that just like us with our Father God? We may be in a comfortable place, a place where we are happy and excited and he tells us “No”. Or he reaches down and takes something from us, or shifts our direction just a smidgen. As a child we only see the loss. What we so often fail to see is the thing our Father is protecting us from or saving us from. Just as I was doing with my daughter when I snatched the pen from her. Yes, in that moment it made her happy. But it wasn’t what was best for her in the long run.

I heard a sermon once that has forever impacted the way I view the Father. The sermon was titled “He knows your End From Your Beginning” and the preacher spoke on how the Lord sits high and looks low. How his perspective is much greater and from a different point of view as ours. And we may be looking ahead and are unable to see a lurking disaster but since our father sits high, He can see it, and prick our spirit to move things around in our lives that need to be adjusted to save us from the danger that may lie ahead. Since the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and doesn’t force things on us, we must listen to that gentle voice that leads.

I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to stop second guessing the ways of the Lord and the direction He has placed on your life. Have confidence in his direction, thank him for His grace and turn when he says turn. Do not fall into the trap of stating the fact of his love in the face of your disobedience. Yes He loves you. He loves you enough to call you to repentance now, so He can spend eternity by your side later. Our Father is future-minded, and he holds your world in His hands.

Do not assume that just because He loves you, that he automatically approves of your behaviors. You have a never-dying soul that He is trying to preserve. Lord help us to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit guidance and your rebuke. Bless the path before us and give us the strength to walk in your way even when our own way feels much more comfortable.

Until next time, I'm your partner in battle. -Crystal

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