A Snake in the House

Sometimes the smallest crack in a house lets in a snake. Thinking spiritually, how can we seal up our foundation to be sure the enemy has zero access?

"A snake only needs a crack to get in the house."This was revealed to me during a vision I had many years back when praying for a situation regarding evil manifestations within a family.

Hold on - Don't tune me out just yet. I know what you're thinking, but I do have a biblical point... 

This vision that I'm referencing showed me exactly what it sounds like- I saw a black snake sneak into the foundation of a house through what seemed to be an innocent crack. Meaning this, the enemy will use any unsealed pathway to gain access into your life. Maybe it seems innocent, or that "everybody is doing it", however this act of disobedience can become a free admission ticket to the enemy of your soul.

Tonight I learned first hand through prayer that sometimes the enemy can gain access to our lives through more than a crack, sometimes it is a generational stronghold that leaves the door wide open.

Exodus 34 tells us that the sin of the father will follow to the third and forth generation. In the medical industry we call that Medical Family History, and it tells us what kind of health problems and diseases that you are likely to have (... you see where I'm going here?..). I believe that the same goes for certain sins, you know the framilliar saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? Implying that the characteristics of the children and grandchildren likely mimic their ancestors who came before them. If this is the norm in the natural, why shouldn't we expect it to apply to the spiritual?

Granted this may not seem "fair" to the average believer who feels that they are under the "curse" of their family who came before them. However I have good news! Jesus came to free us from the curse, and enable us to live a life free from sin and bondage.

When we apply the blood of Jesus to our sin-stained ancestory it washes our garment white as snow.

As I mentioned earlier, tonight I saw first hand in the spiritual realm what this looked like. And as I began to pray and rebuke these roots from the enemy I could see the Holy Spirit begin to pluck them away, as if weeding a garden. However, one thing stuck out to me in particular... the holes left once the lies were plucked away.I quickly remembered the Bible verses about the need to fill your house once you kick the enemy out (Luke 11:25, Matthew 12:44) and began to pray that these holes be filled with the spirit of God, a passion for his word and his ways.

I share all of this from a place of valnerability. Hoping that if I can candidly share my experiences then I can help out another soldier on the battle field.

Lord,  please help us to rid our family tree of bitter roots. Give us the spiritual eyes and ears to discover any foothold that the enemy may have in our lives and equip us with your spirit and authority to cast these things out. Let us not forget that an empty house is defensless, and give us the wisdom to seek your face so that our houses may be full. Lord show us any cracks in our foundations, and seal them up with your blood. Let us never fail to help a fallen soldier and lead us in your mighty army.     -Amen

Originally written on July 20, 2017

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