2020 - What's your "who"?

"When thinking of what you want to do in 2020, think more about WHO you want to become, rather than WHAT you want to do..."

I listened to a leadership podcast in our Church Ministry Head meeting a few weeks ago and the above quote stuck out to me SO MUCH. For as long as I can remember I have been making a checklist of things I want to accomplish in the new year. They were items, and not necessarily driven by WHO I wanted to become. So, this year I am approaching my resolutions differently, and I wanted to share with you - because maybe, just maybe, you are ready for a year of resolution's that you actually accomplish.

You and I both know the typical... Lose weight, Eat better, etc. but this year I am almost challenging myself NOT to place theses on my list. It's not that I plan to binge eat Chocolate, or refuse to do ab workouts, its simply because this year - if I cant make time for God to speak, I'm not making time for anything else.

Nope. No. Don't do that. Don't start to get self critical. Tune your ears to heaven and discover what He is speaking to your heart. What is the Lord prompting you to do? What has He dropped in your heart that feels too big, too distant, too hard? THAT. That my friend... That is the "who" you need to become in your 2020 resolution.

"In 2020 I will RUN after the visions God has given me."

Which brings me to another one of my resolutions - Refusing to apologize for walking out every step of the path God has laid ahead of me. And that goes for you too, my friend. Remember that friendship study we did? (if you missed it you can get it here..) Be sure 2020 is a year of friendships that bring you closer to your destiny, not with those who hold you back. So often I find myself trying to side step around telling others what my true goal in life is. Yes, I have my RN and I love being a nurse, Yes I also have an education in Communications and I love doing the work that goes with that.. but my heart? My real goal? The Big Time Dream for my life... (drum roll please) is to be able to financially support my family while blogging, writing books and speaking to women about God's goodness.

ah. I said it.

That's refreshing. And normally I would apologize for having such big dreams. I would preface my dream with an "if only.." and I would apologize if that seemed like I thought higher of myself than I ought to...But this year I am not going to apologize for speaking out the vision and dreams that God has planted within me. And you shouldn't either.

What if a tactic of the enemy is to get us to keep our powerful mouths SHUT when it comes to speaking our destiny out loud? What if it's the enemy who came up with the "Don't Jinx It!" rule? Well Friends, we cannot continue striving to live a victorious life when we are constantly apologizing for being so passionate about the dreams God has given us!

Let's march into 2020 with our heads held high. Not because We are anything in ourselves, but because through God we can accomplish ANYTHING.

Are you with me?

Until Next Time, I'm your partner in battle. Crystal Komala

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