Daily Prioritizing Planner

Busy Momma?
Hustling college student?
Professional Working Lady?

...All of the above?

This one is for you! While sitting on my (very) cozy couch I decided I needed a better way to prioritize my time. Each day we know we will get exactly 24 hours to do what needs done. Each Day brings its own challenges and opportunity, its how you work them that makes all the difference! So, I put together this pretty-in-pink agenda for you to download and use on the daily as you conquer each task set before you. 

So, grab your favorite pen - It's time to get things done! 

Pro Tips:

- Use the "Today's Top Three" for items that cannot be pushed off for another day. Let this be your focus today. 
- The "Strategic Schedule" area allows for time and descriptions outlining your busy day. 

- Get ahead of meal prepping, and announce to the family whats on the menu with the "Fabulous Food" section.
- "Daily Devotion" provides space fr you to write a quick reflection on your scripture reading or prayer time. 
- And lastly on the bottom left you can see areas to cross off as they are accomplished throughout the day. I LOVE to cross things off my list, so this is my personal favorite area :)  

I hope this download blesses you!

Show me how you're using your agenda by posting a picture to social media and tagging #crystalkomalablog or @crystalkomala 

Today's Top Three.png

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