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Total Newbie

Sometimes my heart has too much to say for a blog post, so - Podcast it is! 


Writing is my love language

What better way than to "talk" about Jesus with you when I'm in the rocking chair with my littles? Blog Posts - of course! 

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Jesus meets Creative Design

I love to dig into God's word, and these Bible Studies are pleasing to the eye while being packed with truth. You're going to love them!


Unscripted for the win

Okay, let's face it - videos are fun. I may be in my Sunday best, or bedtime robe but I'll keep you laughing while encouraging you in the Lord. 


A True Story, eBook

Shew y'all. This was a rough one to live out, let alone write. If you want to peek into the spiritual world thru the eyes of a once-backslider this is the book to read. 


Faith meets Fitness & Accountability

Great to do flying solo or with a girlfriend! This Devotional will challenge your faith and outline a workout plan to do along the way!

Not for the faint of heart.