(Okay Ladies,
this one is for you)

As women we are pulled in so many directions. We struggle with balancing our spiritual life, personal life, friends, husbands, children and our physical fitness. This is the very backbone of a 9 week full-color journal packed with challenges that earned the name "Fight Club Pink". Fight Club Pink is a 9-week challenge that empowers you to master the balancing act of life. The journal can be completed solo, within small groups, or as an entire church - creating an atmosphere of sisterhood and spiritual authority.

This devotional journal was created with my best friend and sister in Christ, Brittany Bowman (who can sing the house down y'all!). This journal was birthed by placing ourselves at the feet of Jesus and saying - "What do you want your daughters to know? What do you want to tell them?" The freedom that we have seen unleashed as people buckle down to seek the Lord has been phenomenal - God is blowing our socks off and we couldn't be more thankful for his grace and mercy.

The ladies within our home church have completed both Round 1 and Round 2 of the Fight Club Pink challenges and it has truly transformed our women. Walls of comparison have been broken, lies have been dismantled and unity has sprung forth. Women are beginning to see themselves the way that God intends them to, beautiful and full of purpose. So now there is just one question - what are you waiting for?

This full color Journal is ready to order!

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